Mark Carpenter, MA, LPC, is owner of VAE Life Coaching in Fenton. He spends at least 50 percent of his time counseling and physically training his clients at Clover Beach in Fenton Township. He has eight years of experience in the field.

 Don’t be too surprised if Mark Carpenter, MA, LPC of VAE Life Coaching in Fenton Township asks you if you’d like to walk (or run) outside at Clover Beach during a counseling session.

 He has seen first-hand how kids relate to being outdoors rather than an office, and is willing to do pretty much whatever it takes to help teens and adults overcome anxiety and depression.

 That also includes offering evening and weekend appointments, to make it easier for kids and adults to get the counseling they need.

 Carpenter opened his practice two years ago in the North Towne Professional Center. He followed his own life coaching process by setting one-, three- and five-year goals, which included opening his own practice, and then offering insurance to his clients — a goal he has recently met. Today, VAE Life Coaching takes many different insurance plans, from Blue Cross Blue Shield to Optim (United Behavioral Health), McLaren and Molina.

 As a veteran marine, Carpenter knows exactly what it’s like to live in fear of the future and anxiety in one’s current circumstances.

 He was also a member of Personal Security Detail Teams in Iraq and Afghanistan for the U.S. Department of Defense, and still keeps photos in his office drawer as a reminder of horrific events he lived through.

 “You’ve got to have a purpose and a mission,” he said. “You have to learn to confront fear with real logic and truth.”

 This 1991 Fenton High School graduate went on to become a life coach/licensed professional counselor to help others in all walks of life to overcome these issues.

 “Life coaching is for everyone,” said Carpenter, although he said 70 percent of his practice is young people from age 12 to 21. “It gives you more joy and clarity for your worth as a person.”

 VAE stands for Vision-Achievement-Excellence, which is Carpenter’s goal for the process of life coaching. “You’re not pre-destined to be a victim,” Carpenter said. “You can put in time and effort and see the results and improvements in your life.”

 Carpenter helps others create a routine and a schedule for stability and structure. He teaches cause and effect, and consequences. These help give people confidence. “Organize your days and your weeks,” Carpenter said. “Writing it down gives your words ‘muscle memory’ and helps develop self-discipline and awareness.”

 Through Carpenter’s practice, he helps teens and adults set goals for the future. “The main word is ‘hope,’” he said. “We focus on the successes of the past and people can see from their goal-setting that they can accomplish anything.”

 VAE Life Coaching is located at 14165 N. Fenton Rd., Suite 102A2, telephone (810) 282-4093.


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