central76 commented on Hotlines 10/27/19

Yes, Democrats still want to tax the rich even if there are Democrat billionaires. I am aghast how out of touch Republicans are with the economy and the USA's economic history.

central76 commented on Hotlines 10/23/19

A typical republican cannot look at the GOP's failings without bring up the Democrats. You know Trump broke the law and doesn't care about the US Constitution but it doesn't matter because one time Hillary did something. WAAAAA!

central76 commented on Hotlines 10/13/19

republicans tried to indict hillary and found out that she didn't do anything criminal. Trump on the other hand has publicly and privately asked a foreign government to interfere with American affairs. And Republicans are ok with that. Republicans think it's just fine if a foreign governm…

Sounds to me like CMU needs to send them some more money. All charter schools are good for is stealing tax dollars from public schools. That don't raise community standards, they don't out perform normal schools.

Why? would pay them more taxes when they can’t even fix the roads! Typical libs. Can’t solve a problem so they throw OUR money at it!

wouldn,t have this problem if we would just give DeVos, cart blawnch, control

central76 commented on Hotlines 4/24/19

Trump and you are both liars:

central76 commented on Hotlines 1/16/19

Civics professor? Riiiiiiight. I think any "civics professor" no matter political leanings knows that Trump has obstructed justice by asking comey to quit russia investigation, inviting russia to commit crimes againts the USA by hacking emails, abusing pardon powers, undermining th…

central76 commented on Hotlines 10/24/18

"IF YOU’RE NOT white and want to force your religious beliefs on others, you had better vote Democratic in November."

So if I'm white and want to force my religion on others I should vote Republican?

central76 commented on Michigan Votes 10/05/18

www.vote411.org is an actual non-partisan voter guide.

Mackinac Center for Public Policy is not non-partisan.