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 On Monday, May 16, the Fenton Township Board of Trustees voted to approve a list of potential road improvement projects to complete in 2020. The projects include:

 They will be doing asphalt milling and repaving on Old Linden Road, from Dooley Drive to Linden Road. The projected cost is $35,882.

 They will complete a pavement chip seal/fog seal on Jennings Road, between Thompson and Lahring roads. The projected cost is $81,641. The township is expected to pay $10,231, with the Genesee County Road Commission (GCRC) paying approximately $71,000.

 The third project is limestone resurfacing on Main Road from Thompson Road to Ray Road. The projected cost is $34,028 and it will be shared with Mundy Township.

 Another limestone resurfacing on Ray Road from U.S. 23 to Linden Road was discussed. The projected cost is $76,752. The township will pay $36,089. The GCRC will allocate $2,287. Mundy Township will pay $38,376.

 “Please note that the two limestone projects were previously approved by the Township Board. With the redistribution of 50/50 and supplemental allocation funds, GCRC has asked that the projects be re-approved with the revised funding,” according to Thomas Broecker, operations manager and deputy clerk of Fenton Township.

 Based on this cost analysis, and discussions with Lawrence Engineering, the projects were recommended for approval. According to Broecker, it was recommended that, because of the anticipated decrease in revenue sharing from the State of Michigan due to the COVID-19 pandemic, all other projects be delayed until at least 2021 in order to reduce expenses for 2020.

 Broecker said because of this, he suggested pushing Ripley and Hogan road projects into next year to save money. These projects are paving Ripley Road, from Rolston Road to Lahring Road, with asphalt or being resurfaced, and doing the same thing on Hogan Road from the paved apron at Lahring Road on the north side.

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