The Fenton varsity boys soccer team played an outstanding 80 minutes in its Division 2 state semifinal contest against Melvindale at Notre Dame Prep High School Wednesday night.

The Tigers outshot Melvindale 17-7 and enjoyed a 9-1 corner kick edge during regulation, but the game was only tied at 1-1 at the end of the first 80 minutes. However, the tide turned during the two 10-minute overtimes. The Cardinals scored three goals during the two overtime periods, earning a 4-1 victory and a spot in the D2 state championship contest. The Tigers saw their season end in the D2 state semifinals for the second time in four seasons.

Fenton was dominating the opening half but Melvindale scored first, getting a goal on a shot by Carols Huerta off an assist by Alhusain Yahya with 23:40 left on a goal that was completely against the flow of the contest. Fenton trailed 1-0 at halftime.

The Tigers tied it up at 1-1 with 25:50 left in the second half. Andrew Hutchens crossed the ball and Jimmy Myer scored. From there, the game remained tied 1-1 entering overtime.

Overtime felt like a different game. The Cardinals were able to get more space and create more scoring chances in the two 10-minute extra sessions, than they could in regulation. Eventually, it resulted in goals. With 5:06 left in the first OT Melvindale scored on a header shot by Abdul Fattah Ahmed off a corner kick. The lead grew to 3-1 when Alhasan Yahya scored on a 40-yard shot with 6.6 seconds left in the first extra session. If the game wasn’t over after that goal, Melvindale’s Carlos Huerta dribbled with the ball down the bench side of the pitch, and took a shot to the nearside of the goal. He scored and Melvindale led 4-1.

The sports staff will have more about this contest at a later time.

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