Silver Spray Sports Polar Water Ski

About 30 water skiers braved the cold waters at Silver Lake on Dec. 3 during the annual Silver Spray Sports Polar Water Ski event. In this photo, Sean Affrica (left) and Brady Morton enjoy sking. The water skiers had reasonably warm weather, but a wind and choppy water conditions made the skiing challenging. However, the cold water didn't keep the participants from having a fun time, and even doing a pyramid.


 Some years there has been ice that had to be broken up to do it.

 Some years it's the choppy waves that make the day an adventure.

 But one thing is certain - for 30 years people have enjoyed taking part of Silver Spray Sports' annual Polar Water Ski event. This year was no exception. Silver Spray Sports owner Patti Smith said about 30 skiers showed up to this year's event on Dec. 3.

 "We had about 30 skiers and they started at about 11 and continued until quarter after two," Smith said. "We had people in everything from drysuits who were completely warm and cozy, to people in bathing suits who were completely freezing."

 The event isn't a competition. It's just a chance to water ski one last time before winter takes over Silver Lake. While some years ice is an issue, this year it wasn't. However, the day did have its share of challenges.

 "The water was kind of choppy," Smith said. "There was quite a bit of wind and the water was a bit rolly and rough. But it didn't deter them. They were out the whole time."

 The group even did a pyramid during the event.

 Smith said the key is remaining out of the water as much as possible before you enter the water. The more you hit the water early, the tougher the skiing becomes.

 "Some ponds are already freezing and melting in the afternoon," Smith said. "We are on the edge of 32-degree water. The whole goal is to take off on the dock and ski as close to the shore as possible. Some people fall right off the bat and are very cold right away."


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