In one of their cheers the Lake Fenton varsity competitive cheer team says nobody is going to push blue around.

 Nobody did at the first Flint Metro League competitive cheer jamboree.

 And no one pushed around the tri-county representation at the first event either. The three tri-county area schools finished 1-2-3 and Lake Fenton won the first competition held at Linden High School on Wednesday.

 The Blue Devils edged Linden for first and Fenton came in a pretty close third in the event that hosted nine varsity teams of the 12 Flint Metro League schools.

 The Blue Devils posted a total score of 698.68, earning the top score in round two with a 213.48. Lake Fenton began the event with a 217.20 in round one and finished with a score of 282.00 in round three. Lake Fenton was in second place entering the third round, and its score in round three was the second-best among the teams at the event.

 The Linden Eagles recorded steady scores throughout, earning a 214.80 in round one and a 200.38 in round two. That placed them third entering the final round, but their round three score of 282.30 was able to catapult the Eagles into second overall.

 The Fenton Tigers jumped to a nearly 10-point lead with its top score of 227.00 in round one. Fenton was still in first place after recording a 197.04 in round two by about eight points. They recorded a 274.20 in round three. The Tigers finished a comfortable third place, but an eight-point deduction in round three kept them out of second and just .44 points out of first.

 The Metro League championship is judged based on three competitions. The combined scores of the first and second competition make up 50 percent of the season standings, while the third meet makes up the other 50 percent.

 The second meet is Jan. 28 at Kearsley High School The third will be at Fenton High School on Feb. 11.

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