Holly’s  Marissa Beck

By David Troppens

 Marissa Beck has wanted to play softball at the collegiate level for a long time.

 Her dream will come true when the 2019 Holly graduate hits Saginaw Valley State University campus this fall as a member of the team’s softball squad.

 “It’s been a long-time dream of mine,” Beck said. “I’m super excited. I can’t wait for it.”

 Beck, who made her decision during her senior season, said it was between Saginaw Valley State and Aquinas University.

 “I picked Saginaw because I fell in love with the school,” Beck said. “As soon as you walk on campus, it’s like a community of people that just welcome you. When I met the coach, he was inspirational. All the players pushed me to be better than I was before, and I absolutely

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loved that.”

 Beck pitched just about every inning for the Holly Bronchos and expects to pitch at Saginaw Valley as well. She should provide a solid bat as well.

 “My goal is to be a starter, so I’m going to be working this whole summer,” Beck said. “I’m working with my pitching coach Mike Tomlinson over at Virtual Baseball, and he’s working with me with my hitting and pitching. We are making new strides each day to get better and better.”

 Saginaw Valley State University is a Division 2 team from the Great Lakes Intercollegiate Athletic Association (GLIAC). The squad posted a 28-24 record overall and a 16-16 mark in the GLIAC during the spring. The Cardinals used seven different pitchers a year ago, and two were seniors.

 Beck said she’s ready for the next level.

 “I’m ready right now. Confidence is a big key and I’m going in with a mental toughness that is key,” Beck said. “If my mental game is’t strong then i can crumble like a pile of bricks. You have to stay strong.

 Beck is happy to be continue the sport she loves. She is excited to grow her knowledge of the game.

 “In the game of softball, I don’t think you are ever done with anything,” Beck said. “Nothing is going to be a piece of cake. I’m always going to need to do something and need to learn something new. That’s why I love the game, so there’s a lot of work to be done.”

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