Andrew Anderson

Andrew Anderson

By David Troppens

 For those who did a little sports TV channel surfing about a week ago, area bowling fans may have seen someone competing in a TV match that was from the tri-county area.

 Holly’s Andrew Anderson teamed up with Kris Prather to make it to the TV show in the Mark-Roth Marshall Holman PBA Doubles Championship.

 Anderson, 24, competed with Prather in the team event, and in the stepladder series the pair lost a 226-190 match against Anthony Simonsen and Dom Barrett. During the event, Anderson bowled the even frames. The pair took an early lead when Barrett bowled an open frame, but Anderson had an open frame in the fourth, closing the gap. Meanwhile, Simonsen and Barrett bowled five straight strikes and eventually took a strong lead late into the match. Prather and Anderson had three strikes in the 10th to make the score a bit closer than it was.

 Anderson averaged a 224.28 during the week, while Prather averaged a 239.28. Anderson pocketed $6,000.

 “I hope everyone enjoyed the doubles show,” Anderson said on his Facebook page. “Kris Prather and I didn’t win, but we gave it a good run and I’m looking forward to running it back next year.”

 Anderson’s cash prize was the most he’s made an event this season and was also his only top-10 finish of the season. He’s earned $15,550 in 12 events this year.

 Anderson bowled in 28 events in 2018 and had 14 cashes for a total of $36,440. Anderson’s peak year was in 2018 when he won two of his three titles, earning $100,870. He was the Chris Schenkel PBA Player of the Year in 2018.

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