Hartland —  It’s fun being on a winning team.

 The Fenton/Linden Griffins (9-4) are having fun among teammates and are a deep and unselfish team. Nine players have scored at least three goals so far this season and 14 have scored at least one goal. The team can rotate three lines during a game and feel pretty confident with whichever line is on the ice at any given time.

 And, as said previously, this has been a winning team. The Griffins captured their fourth win in their last five games, defeating the Eastern Thumb Area (ETA) Legion 6-2 at the Hartland Sports Center, Tuesday night. The contest was just the Griffins’ second home game of the season.

 “I like how fun it is to play with everyone on the team,” senior Keegan McNamara said. “We just go in the locker room and everyone is smiling and everyone is telling jokes. It’s a fun team.”

 The Fenton/Linden co-op dominated the contest against ETA Legion on the ice from the opening minute, but there were times when the scoreboard didn’t reflect that domination. The Griffins outshot the Legion 15-4 in the first period, but took a 1-0 deficit into the intermission. That domination continued in the second period as well, with the Griffins enjoying a 17-5 shot-on-goal edge. However, the area co-op was still only tied 2-2 entering the third period. However, the third period is where the squad’s dominant three lines finally took over, with the Griffins scoring four goals.

 “They eventually did,” senior Nick Temple said about the goals eventually coming. “You have to trust the team to play well and do what we are supposed to do — just play together like a brothership.

 “I’m most impressed with our work ethic and the brothership on our team. We are just working hard and playing as a group.”

 “I think we knew we could score and it just took some time to score,” McNamara said. “We

knew what we could do.

 “All three of our lines are balanced and there’s no one powerful line. We are all good.”

 “They did a good job,” Fenton/Linden varsity hockey coach Matt Krusinak said. “That was exactly the message sent (when the team trailed) — not to panic and just keep going after it. Trust what we were doing, maybe move the puck a couple of times and then we’ll give it a go. The thing I liked is we had six different goal scorers. I love it. It means we have weapons all around the ice and any night could be anyone’s night.”

 Temple tied the game at 1-all during a 4-on-4 situation with 8:28 left in the second period, and it was a power-play goal by McNamara off a rebound that scored the team’s second goal, tying the contest at 2-all with 3:05 left in the second period. Jacob Florida scored the squad’s third goal on the power play, giving the team a 3-2 lead with 8:55 left in the third period. The Griffins never lost the lead again. With 3:52 left, Maximus Wright scored during a 4-on-4 situation, and just 28 seconds later Parker Harrison scored a power-play goal. The final Fenton/Linden goal was provided by Caden Crandall on a rebound attempt with 1:41 left in the contest.

 The Griffins outshot ETA Legion 52-16. In net, Nick Wilson made 14 saves to earn the win.

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