While working on today’s paper, Hannah Ball made a declaration within the newsroom.

 “It’s Cow Appreciation Day,” she said.

 I’m a little shocked I didn’t know that. In fact, I’m shocked my wife, Anna, didn’t mention it when I went to work today either. We love cows.  I think half of the reason why we vacation in Kentucky frequently is so we can see all the cows in the fields.

 Cows are loyal animals. When we lived in South Lyon, we’d frequently go to Kensington Park. The cows at the farm located there became so accustomed to us that all I would have to do is click my wedding ring on a fence rail and they’d generally come our way to get a good rubbing on their throat (most animals love being pet there). They’d burp but that was fine with us. A little bad gas in your direction is a worthy price to pay to make the cow happy.

 Hannah’s comment made me think about writing a column about some animals I’d love to have as a pet (at least in theory), but probably never will. Here are a few of them.

 Meerkats: I loved the television show Meerkat Manor when the Animal Planet channel had it on the air about a decade ago. So much so, I own the entire series on DVD. It’s not illegal  to have meerkats as pets, but I get the feeling they’d probably spend half of their day burrowing into your couch cushions.

 We have a photo of a couple of meerkats on our front door at home ‘on alert.’  If we ever get to the door and the meerkat photo is gone, we’ll know not to open the door.

 Donkey: Anna loves getting all sorts of calendars for our home every January. I insist on getting two — a cow and a donkey calendar. Anna used to volunteer time at a horse farm. They had a donkey named Ruthie. Anna had to bring a bag of baby carrots every time she worked otherwise Ruthie would squeal at her.

Large tortoise: It would be cool to be laying on the floor in the living room, doing some of my activities only to be interrupted by a huge tortoise nudging me in the back. And they’d be an awesome messaging system. If we had one, we could keep post-it notes on its shell so we’d make sure we saw each other’s messages.

Skunk: We have skunks that live around our house. Skunks are pretty awesome looking creatures. We seemingly always have at least one roaming around with predominantly white fur, and it looks amazingly soft and clean. I love watching them rumble through the back yard. When you are outside, all you have to do is make a polite comment  so they hear you and you’ll be fine. We’ve never been sprayed. So, I guess in a way, we already have them as pets.

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