Fenton trap shooting team

 With each season the Fenton trap shooting team seemingly gets larger.

 While getting larger, the squad also has continued its success during the season.

 The Fenton trap shooting team grew to 34 high school and middle school competitors this spring, won the Conference 8 championship and finished fourth at the Michigan State High School Clay Target League meet.

 “We got bigger this year,” Fenton trap shooting coach Kevin Johnson said. “We won our conference. Of our five weeks, we won all five weeks of scoring. We had the season-high


 It’s not hard to see why Fenton did so well in conference action. Nine of the top 25 performers in the conference were from Fenton, including the top performer, Parker Bundy. Bundy averaged a score of 24.7 birds (targets hit) during a round of 25 for the season, 1.1 better than Portland High School’s second-place performer Payton Platte’s 23.6 average. Also making the top 25 for Fenton during the season were James Brown and Adam Dickie, tied in eighth (22.4); Roanan Stellberger, tied in 10th (22.2); Drew Carnell, tied in 13th (22.1); Garrett Bloss, tied in 16th (21.9); Joey Price, 19th (21.8) and Jacob Donaldson, 25th (21.0).

 “I felt super good about it,” Bundy said about his conference season. I was surprised over the course of the season I got 247 out of 250 targets. I usually shoot pretty high, but I did really well this year. I’ve been shooting for five or six years, so after that period of time I got comfortable and used to it, especially going into the state shoot.”

 “Parker was just hitting them this year,” Johnson said. “He had a good year. He was putting a little more emphasis on his shooting, I guess.”

 At the state meet all of the squads regardless of their team size had to compete in the same division. Bundy led the team with a score of 98 out of 100 birds. Bundy hit his first 25 shots and then hit 24 of 25. He repeated the pattern on his final 50. Bundy made the All-State squad with the highest season average of any competitor in any conference.

 “It’s really stressful after shooting your first 25 because you feel you have to do it again and again,” Bundy said. “You feel more comfortable but are more nerve racking at the same time. I don’t know how it’s possible to feel both, but it is.”

 The top five shooters on each squad make up the team’s score. Bundy was followed by Dickie, 94; Jack Killian, 92; Brown, 91; and Stellberger, 91.

 Bundy was Fenton’s initial members of its team for years ago.

 “Me and my brother started the team,” Bundy said. “When I started there were only, maybe 10 kids. Now we are at about 30. It’s really nice to see the team grow.

 “The biggest thing I learned about myself was being able to move on and not worry about the obstacles. If I miss one, I move on from it and focus on what is ahead. You can’t focus on what you did in the past, but have to focus on what you can get done.”

 “We had a good season, but we would’ve liked to have done better,” Johnson said. “You know that’s how it goes. We were 10 targets out of first place.

 “We have just a good group of kids. They are out there practicing every week. Cold weather or rain, they practiced every day. It didn’t bother them a bit.”

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