Fenton girls golf

 Here we go!

 All that’s left are the top five.

 Some old trends continued.

 All five that remain were in the top 16 a year ago, and many have made it a trend to make it pretty consistently.

 As has been the case in many recent years, Fenton teams dominated, taking four of the top five spots.

 However, there are some changes. For example, the biggest involves the top spot. There is a new No. 1 team on the 2018-19 Tri-County Top 16 Sports Teams list.

 That’s enough of an introduction. Let’s get into the top five.

No. 5 - Fenton girls soccer: The Tigers were our No. 1 team in 2014-15, and have been in the top five for three  of our polls.

 The Tigers opened the season by struggling against some very strong non-league teams, but those games seemingly made the team better by the time late May arrived.

 Fenton ended up winning the Metro League title with a 7-0-1 record, led by a strong defense and a potent offense led by Lauren Murphy and Callie Dickens.

 When tournament time came around, the Tigers were as strong as any team in Division 2 and proved it. The Tigers beat eighth-ranked Goodrich and fifth-ranked Notre Dame Prep while winning a district title. In regional action, the Tigers defeated DeWitt, the top-ranked team in the state. They then faced Powers but lost in the regional final contest.

 The Tigers continue to prove that any given year, they can consistently compete with the top teams in the state of Michigan.

 No. 4 - Fenton boys cross country: The Tigers were our sixth-ranked team in our poll last year and have been in the top 16 for four straight seasons.

 Fenton had a strong league season, earning a third straight league crown. The Tigers did it by winning all three jamborees.

 When the postseason began the Tigers earned a third-place finish in regional action, just sneaking themselves into the state meet. But once there, the Tigers did super well, earning 11th at the state meet.

 No. 3 - Fenton girls cross country: Cross country squads have always done well in our top 16 polls. Linden’s boys team has been No. 1 three times and have been in every poll until this season. The Linden girls also were No. 1 once, and in recent seasons the Fenton squads are dominating.

 The Fenton girls were 10th in our poll last year, and improved its status by reaching its highest ranking ever this season. The Tigers won their third straight league title, winning all three of the jamborees.

 The Tigers made history by earning their first-ever Division 1 regional title, clinching a state trip. Once at the state meet, the Tigers placed ninth and had Alexa Keiser earn All-State honors.

 No. 2 - Holly girls tennis: If this poll was based on the last five seasons, the Bronchos would probably be No. 1. The Bronchos have been in the top 16’s top four each of those seasons, and were this year’s defending No. 1 squad.

 Holly put together a strong Top 16 title defense starting the year with its fifth straight outright Metro League crown. Holly crushed that competition, winning every dual meet and then crushing the field at the league meet.

 Holly’s dominance continued at the regional meet when the Bronchos captured a regional championship. Finally, when the Bronchos were at the state meet, they had another strong showing, placing eighth. That made it five straight seasons the Bronchos have earned a top-10 finish at the state meet.

 And let’s not forget, due to court condition issues, the Bronchos didn’t have a home event the entire spring. They proved themselves to be the ultimate road warriors.

 No. 1 - Fenton girls golf: Last year’s No. 2 team made the final jump and is now our eighth different team to earn the No. 1 spot of our Tri-County Top 16 list.

 The Tigers won their fourth straight Metro League crown (third outright) this spring with an 8-0 dual meet record and a first-place score of 335 at the Metro League meet.

 In the postseason, the Tigers continued to shine. Led by Charlotte Cunaud, they placed second at the regional meet with a team score of 361. Meanwhile, Cunaud was second at the regional meet with an 82.

 At the state meet, the Tigers placed sixth with a two-team score of 371-360-731. Cunaud placed sixth individually (156) and was named to the 2018 Michigan High School Super Team.

 This was a reasonably easy decision. The Fenton girls golf team was at the head of the class during the 2018-19 school year.

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