The Fenton varsity girls swim team practices Tuesday after school in preparation for the Division 2 state swim meet. The event is scheduled for Jan. 16 at Grand Rapids Northview High School. This is the third different date the event has had this season.  

By David Troppens

 Fenton — When one walks into Fenton High School’s pool these days, practices look pretty much as they always have as the varsity girls prepare for a Division 2 state swim meet.

 But, of course, the practices are anything but normal. First off, the calendar reads January, and traditionally the girls swim season ends in November. This is the third time the girls have started practice sessions for the state swim meet, and the squad knows nothing is guaranteed in today’s COVID-19 pandemic era. The next chance of having a D2 state meet will happen Jan. 15 and 16 with the swimming portion happening on the 16th. The Tigers are hoping this third attempt at a state meet ends up being the final attempt.

 “I am a little worried about it because we never know what is going to happen,” senior swimmer Abigail Dolliver said. “We found out the week before our state meet that it was going to be canceled (earlier this season). ... I wouldn’t be surprised at this point. I’m not going to just not be hopeful and not be excited for it because I’m so excited.”

 “I definitely would not be necessarily surprised if this didn’t happen but I am hopeful that it does,” fellow senior Maddie Kazmierski said. “I won’t be too disappointed. I’m not getting my hopes up as much as I did the first time because I know there is a good possibility it may not happen. I just hope it does.”

 The seniors have experienced one of the craziest senior seasons ever. The season started with outside pool practices as the team waited to see if there would be a season. Eventually the season happened, but with many changes to the schedule and many changes to the format of all meets.

 The team was preparing for the state meet when it was suspended and then preparing again with their own personal practices outside of Fenton’s pool for a second meet when it was called. The Tigers have made the most of their experience.

 “I think from the get go right at the beginning of our senior season we knew it wasn’t going to be normal,” Dolliver said.

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