Lake Fenton varsity football coach Eric Doyle recently resigned his football position at Lake Fenton in order to take the athletic director and an assistant principal position at Kearsley High School.

From a personal standpoint, Eric Doyle would’ve loved to stay at Lake Fenton as a teacher and the varsity football coach forever.

 From a professional standpoint, Doyle knew it was time for a change and a new challenge.

 So when the position of athletic director and assistant principal became available at Kearsley High School, located just minutes from his home, the decision was an easy one.

 Doyle recently resigned his Lake Fenton positions to take the positions at Kearsley. He’ll officially fill the join Kearsley on July 1.

 “From a professional standpoint this is easy. From a personal standpoint it is tough,” Doyle said. “It’s the personal relationships that I will miss the most. ... I will miss the people I coached with, taught with and I will miss the kids. They have become a part of my life and will continue to do that, but in a different role. The ones I coached, hopefully, I’ll forever be coach. Outside of being called dad,  being called coach is the next best thing in my life, no question. I’ll miss that no doubt.”

 Doyle was the Lake Fenton varsity football coach for eight years, replacing Marty Borski, who has to be considered the favorite to return to the head coach position. Doyle was on Borski’s coaching staff for five years and replaced Borski as varsity football head coach when Borski resigned the position to move to Nevada. Borski’s family returned and now he’s been an assistant for Doyle. Doyle posted a 3-6 mark his first season at the varsity helm, but followed that with six winning seasons during his final seven years. He capped his career with back-to-back undefeated Genesee Area Conference Red Division titles, making the playoff six of his eight seasons. He had an overall record of 49-32.

 “It was a good run,” Doyle said. “I was very fortunate to take over a program that was in really good shape,” Doyle said. “This was a dream first job for anyone. To take the position the way Marty left it, I was basically a steward. It was in great shape. I tried to leave the program in the best situation that I could and I think I did that.”

 “I would say it’s been a pleasure working with Eric,” Lake Fenton athletic director Vincent Cicalo said. “I know that he’s worked hard to make the program what it is today. It takes a lot of effort and a great network of coaches to do what they do. The program’s success reflects on the great job he’s done.

 “I knew he wanted to move on, and it’s been one of the positions he’s looked at over the past couple of years, looking to move to the next level.”

 Cicalo has started the process of looking for a new head coach. “The pool is not very large, but the people applying have decent qualifications,” Cicalo said.

 Cicalo wouldn’t say that Borski is one of the people who have applied, but it’s very likely he has. Doyle is among those who would like to see Borski return as the head coach.

 Cicalo hopes to have the position filled by June 12.

 Ironically, one of Doyle’s first roles as Kearsley athletic director could involve Lake Fenton. The Flint Metro League is reviewing the applications from Lake Fenton, Goodrich and Corunna to join the Flint Metro League. He said he’s been given the responsibility to evaluate Lake Fenton’s athletic facilities, obviously something Doyle already knows well.

 “I’m excited to watch their continued success,” Doyle said. “I appreciate the run we had, and when I see the program coninue to win, it’s great to know I was a part of that. The program is a program and that is a credit to Marty and myself as well. There’s a tradition here now with an expectation to win. The foundation is there.”


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