Seeger DeGayner

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The Linden varsity boys basketball team has experienced very few close games this winter.

 Eleven of the Eagles’ 15 games have been decided by double-digits.

 Tuesday night was one of those rare nights that it was decided by fewer than 10 points. In fact, this contest against Clio was decided by two free throws.

 Seeger DeGayner made two free throws with one second left in regulation, earning the Eagles a 69-67 home victory against the Clio Mustangs.

 The last two times the Eagles have competed in games that went to the waning seconds on a shot, they have lost heartbreakers against Division 2 top-10 squads Bridgeport (50-48) and Goodrich (46-44). Tuesday night’s victory was Linden’s first in a contest decided in the final second.

 Clio tied the game the possession before the Eagles clinched the lead on DeGayner’s free throws on three converted free throws by Logan McNeil. The Eagles (13-2) started the game-winning possession with a jump shot by Blake Lund. He missed the shot, but DeGayner rebounded the miss and attempted a putback, being fouled. The first free throw rattled on the rim a tiny bit before falling. The second one hit the backboard and went in, giving the Eagles the two-point lead.

 Lund, Linden’s typical scoring star, was once again against the Mustangs (12-4). He hit seven three-pointers, en route to a 33-point performance. Eli Beil also had a strong performance, netting 14 points while Brenden Miller netted 12 points. DeGayner had eight points.

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