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It’s time for some random thoughts. We hope you find them entertaining.

The Lake Fenton vs. Goodrich basketball rivalry this winter

 It will be a long time before the tri-county area sees such an entertaining series of games between rivals at such a high level as Lake Fenton’s girls basketball contests against Goodrich this winter. If I listed the top five games of the prep hoops season, all four games played would be on that list.

 Some complained four games against two teams were too many. I certainly don’t agree. It would’ve been great watching them play a couple of more times. Apparently the fans agree. All four games had huge crowds with three being standing-room-only sellouts. Each game was a compelling drama.

 As I type this column Goodrich has advanced to the state semifinal round, and a huge reason for that is the rivalry between the two squads. Lake Fenton made Goodrich better. And if Lake Fenton won the final game between the two rivals (the Blue Devils won the first three contests), it would’ve served them well the rest of the postseason.

 Without a doubt, the two teams made girls prep basketball a two-community happening this winter.

Lake Fenton student fan section at basketball games

 First off, I’d like to applaud the Lake Fenton students for their attendance at the home basketball games for both varsity basketball squads this winter. They drew impressively for both teams.

 However, gosh, you all need to know how to be vocal fans. Both teams won titles this winter and went a combined 5-1 against Goodrich. There should’ve been reason to be making noise from the opening tip-off to the final buzzer for most of the varsity basketball games this season, but you are all so quiet. I’m glad the pep band showed up for a couple of games down the stretch. It added to the festive ambiance, but the students without instruments should’ve been able to handle that job. The chants should’ve been pouring after every bucket and opponent foul. But, more often than not, it was quiet. I can be louder at games myself than that student section was most of the season. It’s time to pick it up Lake Fenton student section. Again, your numbers are fine. It’s the decibels that are lacking.

 Oh, and let’s have more games with the pep band as well. They were great.

Fix your car using YouTube

 About eight years ago, my car (which is approaching legal drinking age if it was a person) had a serious repair that needed to be done during a vacation in Kentucky. Instead of freaking out (well, I did that as well) I went on YouTube looking to see if I could fix it myself. In minutes, we found a video that taught us how to fix the problem.

 That video solved our problem until about two weeks ago. The same issue came up, but now I needed a new way to fix the same problem because the homebrewed way I was using had failed for good. It appeared there was no way to sidestep a car bill would’ve cost at least $500 to fix it.

 Refusing to admit defeat, for a handful of days I kept looking for YouTube videos that discussed how to fix the problem after the initial quick fix failed. It took awhile but I found it and fixed it again. For the second time, I didn’t need to purchase anything or even remove anything from the car. I couldn’t believe how easy the fix was once I found the video.

 So, before you pay hundreds of dollars on a repair you have a gut feeling may be fixable by doing it yourself, check YouTube. It probably is even if you are a car idiot like myself.

 And with a car that’s two decades old (we want this car to last another two years), we’ll probably have a few trips to YouTube to fix things again.

Couple good ‘Dad’ jokes

 - I accidently swallowed our pet cat’s medicine the other night.

 Don’t ask meow.

 - My dream job is cleaning mirrors, but I really can’t see myself doing that.

 - Two guys walk into a bar. The third guy ducked.

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