Dave Troppens

 For years when each school year finished I’d get the same questions from people.

 It would go something like this, “Now that school is over, what is there to cover?” My first few years in the profession I used to freak out about this exact question. Being a rookie reporter, it always sounded like a fair question. In fact, my first job out of college I was hired in May, meaning I had about a month’s worth of spring sports before I had to figure out how I was going to create content for our daily publication by myself. After a couple of years, it became obvious there’s never a shortage of sports stories.

 The last week we’ve heard the same questions at the sports office. Of course, those questions popped up because of the MHSAA’s suspension of the end of the winter sports season and the continuation of the spring sports season until at least April 5. It’s likely the date will be extended beyond April 5 when we get there, to possibly maybe the entire spring sports season. So, in an era where there is no sports, what will there be to do?

 In a word, there will be plenty. There are plenty of features that have never gotten done in the past due to the heavily intense prep-event coverage. Some of them are features we’ve thought about addressing for years and just for some reason never got to doing them.

 But then, there are so many other weekly features we can present that we think our readers will enjoy. The first of one of those features we’ll start with the weekend publication. We are going to look back at some of the best seasons from the last 17 years since I joined the sports staff. And let me say there are plenty of really cool stories to retell. It’s already been a lot of fun talking to some of the people that made the first couple of our stories possible.

 We’ll start with some of the top winter sports teams, and if we find out on April 5 the spring sports season is suspended we’ll gradually shift toward the great spring sports teams.

 There are some other features we’ll probably address as well. Some will be just fun ones while others may be more in depth.

 This brings me back to that summer question — how can we fill the paper during the summer? The answer is, sports staffs always have always done it, and always will. Quickly, I realized I’m sure that will be the case while the nation and world deals with the coronavirus.

 And while many of our news items probably will deal with the virus itself, maybe the sports section will present a more positive approach towards life. Unfortunately, I forget the exact quote and who said it but decades ago I saw someone who said he reads the sports section first because the sports section always features human success. That will certainly continue as we all have our minds on the coronavirus. So hopefully the readers will find the stories enjoyable and give themselves a little break from today’s challenges.

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