As much as we possibly can be, we are pretty big concert goers.

 The key words are ‘as much as we possibly can.’ Anna and I work a lot of opposite shifts, so that limits our concerts we attend, but somehow it seems we make it to at least three a year, with most coming during the summer. I thought it may be fun listing my favorite artists I’ve seen in concert.

My top artists

 Without a doubt, Alice Cooper is on top of the list. Alice is now 71 years old, but anyone who sees him in concert probably wouldn’t believe it. He’s routinely breaking out of straight jackets, dealing with guillotines and seeking more victims on stage during his shows. And his wife, Cheryl Cooper, routinely is one of his victims or one of the ‘not-exactly-wired-correctly nurses’ on stage.

 He was just at Pine Knob (now known as DTE) last weekend. Of course, it was an awesome show.

 Weird Al Yankovic and Alice Cooper are good friends, and both have many traits in common. Just like Alice, Weird Al puts on an outstanding stage show. He has all of his gimmicks you see in his videos and funny videos while he’s making costume changes. Weird Al’s shows usually last about two hours with high energy.

 His crowds are passionate fans and range from age 8 to 80. He came to Meadowbrook earlier this month and it’s very common to see families from kids to grandparents going to the concert together.

Weird Al has done a few interesting things during his last couple of concerts. He was ‘unplugged’ last year and now he has an orchestra backing up his regular band.

 Godsmack is very good live. The double drum solo is always very cool, and their song ‘Voodoo’ is easily my favorite live. If you get a chance, go see them.

 Also, a quick shout out to Iron Maiden. Anna and I lost about 20 percent of our hearing at a show we saw probably about five years ago. It was worth it.

Never want to see again

 A few years ago Whitesnake came to Pine Knob and we attended the show. It was hard watching lead singer David Coverdale on stage. Apparently, has had a few face lifts because it seemed every time he sang, his mouth hardly moved. I just found it disturbing and it made it hard for me to concentrate on the show.

 Just looking at her, no one would guess Anna to be a fan of the hardest music alive. Consequently, I’ve been dragged to my fair share of Five Finger Death Punch, Megadeth and Slayer concerts over the years. I once fell asleep while Volbeat were playing, so now Anna considers the group my lullaby music. I think it was when we saw Slayer I had earplugs on and didn’t think they were working. I took them off to reset them, and quickly found out they were working. The music was just that loud.

In the ‘interesting’ chapter

 In 1994, I attended the 25th anniversary of Woodstock concert. It was interesting because so many of the artists were new artists supporting their first albums. Most of the songs I didn’t know, which created some lulls.

 That said, there were plenty of my favorites to make it super memorable. And even without the music, our bus’s drug bust on our way up to the concert and Saturday’s rain and mud made it super memorable.

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