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 It was a historical day for the Lake Fenton varsity boys cross country team on Saturday at the Cummings Center.

 Not only did Lake Fenton win the Division 2 meet at the county meet, the Blue Devils were the overall champions, edging Davison for the outright championship by 11 points (101-112).

 Fenton finished third (123) in the overall standings while Holly was seventh (182) and Linden was 11th (219).

 In the girls’ D2 race, Linden placed second with Lake Fenton finishing fifth out of eight teams.

 “I am pretty sure it is the first time we have ever won it outright,” Lake Fenton varsity cross country coach Christopher Sobczak said about the boys’ performance. “But I am not positive about that and there isn’t really any record of it. It is definitely the first time in my time coaching that we have won either the divisional championship let alone the overall.

 “The boys ran very well. With the cancellation of almost all of the invitationals this year it

has allowed us to get in several weeks of uninterrupted training. We have had several weeks where we have been able to get in two to three quality days. In a normal season, you often have weeks where you are lucky to get one quality day.”

 The Lake Fenton boys had all of its top five runners finish within the top 19 in the D2 race, helping the team score 45 points, 27 points less than second-place Goodrich (in the D2 division). Linden was fifth in the nine-team event.

 Joey Gilbert continued his impressive season, winning the D2 race with a time of 16:22.64. His teammate, Kevin Lewis, placed second with a time of 16:36.95. The rest of the team’s top five were Colton Dietrich in 11th (17:27.97), Nolan Pinion in 12th (17:29.07) and Matt Fletcher in 19th (17:48.89). Logan Whittecar placed 36th (19:11.29) and Brady Smith took 41st (21:37.08).

 “I think the uncertainty of the past seven months has created a lot of changes for everyone,” Sobczak said.

“Some kids quit training once track was cancelled. Some kids kept training. I had three runners decide they didn’t want to run this year only to change their minds a couple of weeks into the season. Getting them back was huge for our boys team.”

 The Linden girls were the next strongest squad from the area in the D2 event, placing second with 58 points, 14 more than Frankenmuth.

 Melanea Strauss led the Eagles (20:04.85) by taking fifth while Alexis Mawhinney earned sixth (20:07.40). The rest of Linden’s top five were Alyson Kelly in 10th (20:48.69), Colleen Blackwood in 18th (21:40.71) and Jessica Jablonski in 21st (22:04.02). The others finishing in the top seven were Nicole Palmer in 30th (22:38.30) and Stella Martin in 41st (23:34.03).

 Linden’s boys had River Meckstroth lead the team’s fifth-place effort by taking third (16:37.41). The rest of the team’s top seven runners were Kyle Eberhard in sixth (16:45.37), Casey Cohen in 21st (17:56.41), Ryan Blackwood in 24th (18:14.55), Ian Martin in 40th (21:34.55), Simon Dicks in 42nd (21:49.48) and Luke Webster in 45th (22:31.23).

 The Lake Fenton girls were led by Claire Hunt who took 16th place (21:36.56) while Aubrey Fray was 24th (22:31.00). The rest of the scoring five for the team were Marcella Jenio in 31st (22:45.96), Kaitlyn Hatfield in 36th (23:10.08), and Grace Roy in 37th (23:14.13). Evelyn Riley placed 39th (23:26.01) and Anna Blair placed 54th (27:07.64).

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