Whenever the Division 3 Girls State Swimming and Diving Championship is played out, there will be two tri-county competing at the event.

 Powers swimmers Lara Wujciak and Lauren Taylor will be competing at the meet.

 Currently the diving portion of the meet is tentatively scheduled for Dec. 22 and the swim portion for Dec. 23 if the current COVID-19 lockdown ends on Dec. 9 at Lake Orion High School.

 Wujciak and Taylor will be on the Chargers’ 200 medley relay team while Taylor is a member of the squad’s 200 free relay team. Taylor will compete on the 400 freestyle relay. Individually, Wujciak will compete individually in the 100 butterfly and the 100 backstroke while Taylor will compete in the 200 individual medley and the 100 butterfly.

 Wujciak is a senior and was an all-state swimmer a year ago.

 “Last year, I was very sick,” Wujciak said. “However, I knew that it was my duty to show up and represent my school, family and team. This year, I would like to do the same, but hopefully feel good in the water and know that I used every ounce of energy I had to perform to the best of my ability.”

 “This is my third year competing in two relays and two individual events,” Taylor said.

 “My goal each year are to place higher ion each event than the year before. I decided late in the season to go for the 200 IM cut and was really excited to swim that at state.”

 The state meet is scheduled to be a single-time final for every swimmer. A typical year has a first-day preliminary event followed by the finals and the consolation finals on the second day.

 “I am a big fan of the timed finals at states,” Wujciak said. “It is a ‘last one fast one’ situation. A mental test to all the swimmers to see if their head is really in the game.”

 Both are proud to represent their school.

 “Swimming on a high school team is so special,” Taylor said. “You get to bond and get so close to some amazing people. I love the seniors on my team and I know they’ll move on to great things. I am so proud of everything everyone has accomplished this year.”

  “COVID made me realize that swimming is a privilege that I had been taking for granted for a long time,” Wujciak said. “This whole season I raced not knowing when it would be my last time on the blocks. Our team was not distracted by COVID. Every meet when we did our cheer, the stresses of the world completely went away. We were left to be high schoolers and have fun.”

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