Dear Editor,

Sending your child to class without a mask is depending on luck. I get it — believing in our constitutional rights is our American way. Consider the stark reality of this plague with 650,000 dead and counting daily. You and I have not lost a family member to it yet. When we do, how will our rights console our waking days and sleepless nights? We as a species have been here before — 1350 AD, Bubonic Plague. We did nothing and let herd immunity pull us out of a death rate of 1:3. Current death rate of COVID-19 and variants is at 1:521. Are we really going to be okay sending children into classrooms? The longer this virus is passed among us the more lethal it will become. Just by the grace of God, we are here today. Our knowledge of viruses and how to defeat them is God’s way of validating his love for each and every one of us. It’s time to use masks, vaccines and faith to unite us in this struggle.

Bill Douglas Crane


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