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Thank you to Nancy at Halo Burger for blessing my girls and me with chocolate chip cookies Saturday. That initiated a conversation with them about kindness and loving well. Look for ways to bless others, friends. It’s easier than you might think. Have a great day.

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I THINK WE dodged a bullet by not approving the new bike path between Fenton and Linden. With the warm weather, I’ve seen more joggers. They apparently prefer the road to a sidewalk 6 feet away. No sense creating paths that won’t be used.

Loved the story on Little League ‘Life Lessons.’ Here’s another one — keep a close eye on the league money, demand transparency and hold board members accountable.

I guess I just don’t understand what our elected representatives think their job entails. The majority of local voters endorsed the legalization of marijuana, yet the reps somehow believe that we do not want local access? Do you represent your constituents or are you just voicing your own pe…

The Michigan Secretary of State just announced that appointments are available at its offices. That’s great; 48 people per day can get an appointment. At Hill Road, 20 minutes after it opened, there were 63 people in the queue and 20 more waiting to get into it. Most people report waiting th…

Michigan lawmakers are largely all talk, little action when it comes to their financial transparency.

The average American working in the private sector got an increase last year of about 84 cents per hour.

To all great Americans. As you finalize your Memorial Day plans, please be sure to reserve some time to recognize the reason for the holiday — ‘For those who gave their lives that the nation might live. It is altogether proper and fitting that we should do this.’ — Abraham Lincoln.

An unvaccinated baby who traveled internationally to Michigan earlier this month had the measles, Michigan health officials say, and people who shopped at a Macomb County Costco store and a Catholic church may have been exposed to the virus.

Good article, Sharon, on the Leader Dogs for the Blind. We were fortunate to have donated a German Shepherd who graduated and was assigned.

The parents and family of John Clark would like to thank the young couple who selflessly stopped at our place to administer CPR to our son, John, who had a massive heart attack April 24. We are very grateful for your help and will remember your kindness. God Bless.

The Times couldn’t have chosen a better writer than Mark Rummel to do an occasional opinion piece. He has a vast background in editorial writing and has a great sense of humor. We look forward to his columns. (Be prepared for Steven Wright humor.)

State officials are seeking volunteers to help remove invasive plants from a number of Michigan state parks. Dates, locations, registration forms and other information are available on the DNR’s website.

I love Tri-County Times. It is a wonderful paper that keeps us up to date with all the happenings and people in our area. I have one suggestion. Could we please have two sections of Hot lines? I rarely read them anymore because of all the political warfare — though perhaps many people enjoy that.

Public libraries are not useless and I assure you, your tax money is not wasted on them. Patrons have access to all sorts of media (books, movies, music, etc), educational programs, computers, and much more. Some people can’t get these things elsewhere. The GDL does a lot for the community.

Vote ‘yes’ or vote ‘no’ on the bike path initiative. But please vote. Either way, educate yourself on the laws regarding cyclists on the road. Too many motorists still breaking the law and putting cyclists in danger.

Boo, to all you negative naysayers. If you want a nice community with good schools, parks and walking trails, you’re going to have to pay for it. I say let’s keep Fenton great. Vote ‘yes.’

I’m getting scared to get my paper anymore. Every time I open it up, there’s more requests for our money. Taxes for the culture center, then the roads, now the bike paths and soon the school. The joke about taxes will soon come true: ‘how much do you make? Send it all in.’

Michigan auto insurance costs going up even higher. I, like most of you, pay thousands of dollars a year and that doesn’t even cover any actual car damage. Please visit the website reducemiratesnow.com to give any ideas or opinions.

Thank veterans for their sacrifice as well as their service. Military personnel sacrifice their youth, freedom, comfort, earning potential, and time spent with their loved ones in order to protect our country. They put themselves in harm’s way so the rest of us are not compelled to do so.

A couple at Meadow Pointe condominiums are celebrating their 55th wedding anniversary April 11. I would like to give them a very big happy anniversary — Happy 55th.

Feel free to chew on what you’ve been fed by Trump’s favorite Attorney General however, rather than be spoon fed, I favor the 75 percent of prudent Americans waiting on Congress to uncover why Attorney General William Barr has manipulated Mueller’s 400-page report after promising transparency?

IN AMERICA, THE latest statistics show life expectancy in this country will drop for the third straight year. The last time that happened was reportedly 100 years ago, when we were in the middle of World War I and the worst flu pandemic in recorded history.”

Hollywood celebrities are threatening to boycott Georgia because the state leaders passed a bill that bans abortions after the detection of a heartbeat. It was signed by actors such as Alec Baldwin, Rosie O’Donnell, Sarah Silverman and dozens more. No more movies for me.

The ‘chicken little’ mindset of the left is embarrassing. To live in the greatest country in the world but can only find fault, never showing gratitude for being an American. They live in fear and trepidation. Why do you not go somewhere else if America is so awful? Seriously, go. Now.

People need to educate themselves about marijuana. Today’s crop is completely different from the pot you smoked as a teenager. It is 10-20 times as powerful as the old home-grown pot. Prepare for another health disaster 10 years from now of tens of millions of brain-burned idiots that we’ll …

GOV. WHITMER, PLEASE take notice of what’s going on in France right now: massive riots against the government for raising gas taxes. We already pay some of the highest gas taxes in the nation and you still want to raise it? Riot or move are the only two options you’re giving us.

REPUBLICANS CONTROLLED Michigan politics for eight years and did nothing to fix the roads or schools. Michigan roads are near bottom nationwide. Schools rank 50 out of 50 states. A Democrat offers a solution and you criticize? What is the Republican solution? Wait, I know, ‘do nothing.’

INSTEAD OF FINDING ways to deal with daylight saving time, maybe someone could explain why we go through this nonsensical time change twice every year.

WEAPON-FREE SIGNS? Yeah, that’s a brilliant idea. Because what potential shooter would want to violate that rule.

WHY ARE REAL people photographed and identified in ‘Street Talk’ while the ‘Hot line’ is anonymous? I feel like many of the Hot-liners are just people venting or whiners that don’t want to have civil discourse. Maybe a name or phone number at the end will kill most useless comments.

TO THE HOT-LINER who said ‘inclement weather’ is an incorrect term. What is the proper term for winter weather that is not ‘clement?’

HELLO TIMES. In regard to the ‘Comment of the Week,’ I’d like to say, I recently moved back to Fenton after being away for 25 years and I am amazed at the changes. They are all for the better and have Fenton buzzing from all the entertainment that it can provide. Simply awesome.

SO, HELLER WOULD have liked a high-speed rail system to get to work. Sounds good, except that means that everyone who chooses to live closer to work, even if it is more expensive or less desirable, has to subsidize those who want to live farther away.

DEFUNDING ICE DOES not result in ‘open borders.’ ICE has only existed since 2003. Did we have open borders before that? It is a huge waste of money.

ATTENTION DOG OWNERS. A Burton owner of a husky dog said her dog was stolen from her fenced backyard. Then she received a call from Animal Control. The dog was found and was dying. An illegal Flint area dog ring stole the animal to use as bait in dog fights. Please watch your dogs while they…

Dismissing the ‘non-motorized’ trail is shortsighted and dangerous. Ask anyone who walks or rides along Silver Lake Road how many times they are nearly run over. It’s neither walkable nor rideable. Let’s make our community a safer place and support the LAFF project.

TO THE UPS commenter. It’s snow, rain, heat or gloom of night. It says nothing about minus 17 degrees, real temperatures with wind chills to minus 45 degrees. Maybe you should apply to the post office so you can chance frostbite to deliver our mail. God bless our great post office.

MICHIGAN DRIVERS THE best? Sorry to disagree, but almost no one in this state understands that slower traffic keeps right. How many times do you get stuck behind someone in the left lane going the same as the right lane?

ATLANTA’S SPARKLING NEW Mercedes-Benz stadium reminds us of something less thrilling. The $1 billion or so that politicians give away in unnecessary public handouts to professional sports every year.

NO, DEMOCRATS DON’T want open borders. President Trump has falsely claimed at least two dozen times since taking office that Democrats want to open American borders. But legislation shows that Democrats support border security measures, though not the border wall he wants to build.