From Alison Kalcec, former clerk and supervisor of Rose Township and long time member of the NOCFA Board of Directors

   I recently viewed a recording of the Feb. 15, 2022 NOCFA Board meeting and was appalled and dismayed at the behaviors displayed by the Rose Township members of that board. What is glaringly evident is a clear lack of concern for the residents that rely on the essential services delivered by personnel of NOCFA. The personal issues that are clouding the judgment of the board members are irresponsible and do not serve the interests of the taxpayers who fund the services of NOCFA.

   NOCFA was conceived and built by visionary government officials solely to deliver services to the townships that do not have access to private sector service providers. There was a time in the non-too-distant past when ambulance service could take an hour or more to arrive. Fire services were minimal because such services do generate profits in the private sector. NOCFA addressed the need for life saving essential services in your communities. Chief (Jeremy) Lintz dedicated his knowledge, expertise and work life to build and maintain NOCFA for many years without a service disruption and now it seems you won’t acknowledge his contributions or those of the dedicated men and women who provide quality emergency services to your citizens. What a short-sighted and self-important approach you are taking to your oath of office. Should it be okay to need police protection at meetings? Is it appropriate to exceed your budget line items to pay legal fees because you can’t trust or respect each other?

   I strongly urge you to make drastic changes to your Board of Directors and focus your energies and your influence to get back to serving your community. Do it now before an innocent citizen loses life and/or limb because of your unwillingness to cooperate in the best interests of the people that elected you to represent them. Please support your chief, your personnel and most of all, your constituents.

   As a side note, if you research NOCFA documents on file, I think you will find that the NOCFA Board adopted board policies and standards of conduct. That should give you guidelines to follow as you move forward.

   Thank you for your immediate attention to remedying the divisiveness that is evident in your actions on behalf of the citizens of Rose and Holly townships.

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