Julie Williams

Lake Fenton Community Schools superintendent

By Julie Williams

Lake Fenton Community Schools superintendent

Social distancing, safe at home, blended learning, Zoom, unprecedented, pandemic, PPE … In the past two months, we have heard these words more than we care to remember. With schools closing, businesses shutting down and families forced to stay home, our lives have slowed down. But, have they really?

Those working from home are now inundated with Zoom calls, emails, texts, etc. Students are participating in online learning, completing packets or a combination of both, in addition to connecting with teachers and support staff members in online chats. Parents have taken control of a chaotic situation and have transformed their households into offices, schools, movie theatres and playgrounds. Life as we knew it has changed and we can either sit back and wait for it to return to “normal” or we can shape a new standard and find different ways to enjoy the things we love.

Our “new normal” gives us more time to spend with our loved ones. It gives us an opportunity to nurture those relationships and appreciate all of the wonderful things in our life.

During this time, I have seen parents, students and staff, in our entire community, rise to the challenge and exemplify what it means to Be BLUE.

Be Brave — We have embraced the challenge, stepped outside of our comfort zone and created new norms.

Be Loyal — We continue to create learning opportunities and positive experiences for our kids.

Be Unstoppable — We work together to overcome adversity and continue moving forward.

Be E … — Still to be determined, but so many possibilities. Essential, Empathetic, Energetic, Effective, Excellent, Electric, Educated, Efficacious,


Whether you are an Eagle, a Broncho, a Tiger or a Blue Devil, we are all in this together and together we will take our dedication and education to the next level.

Happy Mother’s Day to all the “MOMS” in our community.

Proud to Be BLUE,

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