By Russ Ciesielski

Linden Community Schools superintendent

 As the 2019-20 school year comes to a close, it is important for us to reflect back on a year of celebrations.

 Let’s celebrate the academic achievements that our students earned. Let’s celebrate the friendships that our students have with one another. Let’s celebrate the athletic accomplishments of our students as they represented our school. Let’s celebrate the music accomplishments of our marching band, our concert band, and our choir.

 Let’s celebrate the Class of 2020.

 Let’s celebrate the Class of 2032.

 Let’s celebrate the field trips that allowed our students to experience education outside of the school walls. Let’s celebrate the art shows.

 Let’s celebrate the hard work that our teachers and support staff have put in to make sure our students are successful. Let’s celebrate the early mornings and the late nights that our bus drivers put in to make sure our students arrive safely and on time. Let’s celebrate the parades and events that allow our communities to gather and support each other. Let’s celebrate the support we receive from our parents and our community.

 Let’s celebrate our students.

 Let’s celebrate our schools!

 This school year has been about much more than COVID-19 situation. It has and will continue to be about the success of our students. A lot of exciting things have happened this year, and it is important that we spend the time to reflect on the accomplishments of all of our students and staff.

 Congratulations to our students, staff, parents, and the Linden Community.

 We have a lot to celebrate! 

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