Scott Roper

Holly Area Schools superintendent

Scott Roper

Holly Area Schools superintendent

I’m proud to announce Holly Area Schools will reopen for in-person learning in early October for two reasons.

First, this milestone is the result of cooperation across our Broncho community amid an unprecedented global pandemic. Second, the determination comes just three weeks after all Bronchos started the school year in front of a computer.

The in-person learning option will open to Bronchos in Young 5s through fifth-grade on Oct. 5, and for students in grades 6-12 on Oct. 12. This moves up the in-person learning option by a month for our elementary students and three weeks for our secondary students.

Families also can choose our 100-percent virtual learning option at all grade levels.

This progress would not have been possible without the dedication and cooperation of the Holly Area Schools leadership team, our entire Broncho community, and the Oakland County Health Division.

I would like to personally thank our school board, which took the concerns of our students, parents and staff into consideration when evaluating reports from our local health partners. The board unanimously approved providing the in-person learning option at its Sept. 15 meeting.

The board vote followed a series of meetings I attended with county health officials, including senior epidemiologists who assessed local data and key metrics to determine we can safely reopen for in-person learning.

In preparation for reopening, our facilities department will complete final projects on classrooms and lunchrooms. Our transportation department will identify final transportation routes and student pick-up and drop-off stops.

This is a huge win for our entire Broncho community. But we can’t rest on our laurels. Executing our plan will require diligence from our students, families, teachers, support staff and all Holly Area Schools employees. A significant increase in cases with evidence of transmission in our schools could lead to additional closures.

By following required COVID-19 protocols before, during and after school, we can greatly mitigate risk. Cooperating with contact tracing officials and following all quarantine protocols will play critical roles in preventing a local outbreak. Our combined efforts will keep our community safe and our schools open.

We will continue providing regular updates to our Broncho community — all with the health and safety of our students, families and staff as our top priority. Visit for more information.

Let’s continue working together. One community. Bronchos United.

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