Scott Roper

Holly Area Schools superintendent

Scott Roper

Holly Area Schools superintendent

 As Bronchos United, we continue facing the immense challenges of the new school year head-on.

 At the same time, we must also plan ahead to continue preparing all Bronchos for careers and the real world. That’s why voters in the Holly Area Schools district will see our non-homestead millage operating proposal on the Nov. 3 ballot.

 If passed, our proposal will help Holly Area Schools continue providing a safe learning environment for all students, teachers and staff. It will also allow us to continue equipping all Bronchos with cutting-edge technology and life skills that prepare them for good-paying jobs, including the skilled trades. And, it will allow us to continue providing a well-rounded, 21st century education to all students with innovative learning opportunities inside and outside the classroom, including in music, theater and other fine arts and athletics.

 Our non-homestead millage operating proposal would not raise property taxes one penny for homeowners. The non-homestead millage only applies to owners of rental properties, business properties and vacation homes.

 Our proposal is considered a “renewal-plus.” That means it renews the existing 17.9047 non-homestead millage, and increases it by .5 mills so we can continue levying the maximum 18 mills required to receive our fair share of funding from Lansing.

 At Holly Area Schools, we have a proud tradition of fiscal responsibility and transparency in our community.

 As we launched our 2018 bond projects — made possible by the generosity of our community — Standard & Poor’s increased our credit rating from “A-” to “A,” and our district was named one of just 14 Most Fiscally Improved Districts by the State of Michigan.

 The district’s independent 2020 audit demonstrated additional evidence of our strong financial footing. The audit included a “clean opinion,” meaning our financial records and statements met all fiscal responsibility benchmarks for school districts. It also indicated a strong fund balance in line with state recommendations, which gives us the necessary flexibility to deal with any unforeseen fluctuations or emergencies.

 If our non-homestead millage proposal passes in November, we will continue that proud tradition of responsible fiscal stewardship, with every dollar spent tracked to ensure transparency and accountability, and that taxpayer dollars are spent wisely.

 Finally, I’d like to thank our community for their continued investment in the success of our Bronchos. I’m proud of our efforts as one community, regardless of the circumstances, and I thank you for supporting our efforts to prepare all Bronchos for the competitive modern world.

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