Julie Willliams, Lake Fenton Community Schools Superintendent

Julie Williams

Lake Fenton Community Schools superintendent

It just wouldn’t be fall without the sounds of football pads hitting, the band playing and those Friday night lights illuminating the field. We all look forward to each season for various reasons. For school districts, fall marks the beginning of a new school year, the return of students to classrooms and excitement in anticipation of all the fun activities that take place this time of year. Although this year looks different from years past, the return of the fall sports season gets us one step closer to that feeling of normal.

 Slowly but surely, more aspects of our lives are returning to normal, but we still have a long way to go. When I think about the past several months, it seems surreal. We have been invaded by an enemy with no face and we are still trying to find the right strategy to beat it. Unfortunately, it has created division in our country and in our community. We seem to have lost sight of the need to respect each other’s beliefs. We do not have to agree, but a little compassion and concern for others will help us get through this without creating a path of destruction along the way.

 During times like these, it is easy to be angry, get frustrated and criticize those around us. I encourage you to focus on the positive things in your life and look for the good in people. Life is just too short to live it angry. A very dear friend always says the same thing when frustration is getting the best of me, “Grace, my friend.” Very simple and somehow it always brings me back to good.

 I have said it before and I will say it again, we have an amazing community. We rally like no other when someone in our community is faced with adversity. Just recently, one of our staff members lost their home in a fire and the outpouring of support for that family was incredible. Our Lake Fenton Family is loving, supportive and resilient. I have always felt there is nothing we cannot get through together. We Got This!

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