Scott Roper

Holly Area Schools superintendent

Our community continually invests in the success of our Bronchos, even in the most challenging of times. That was never more apparent than on Nov. 3, when voters approved our non-homestead millage proposal.

Our community recognized our non-homestead millage is crucial to our operations, and made it a priority in the midst of a highly contentious national election and global pandemic. Approval of our proposal will help us continue providing a high quality, 21st century education that prepares our students for bright futures, whether they’re planning to attend college or technical school, launch careers in the skilled trades, or enter the workforce right after graduation.

For that, I thank our entire Broncho family from the bottom of my heart. I am humbled every day by their generosity and for entrusting us with their precious taxpayer dollars — a responsibility we do not take lightly at Holly Area Schools.

Shortly before the election, I was pleased to learn that, with the community’s support, Holly Area Schools remains on solid financial footing. We received a clean audit opinion for last fiscal year, indicating we are well prepared to handle any unforeseen economic fluctuations or financial emergencies.

We consider our track record of fiscal responsibility, accountability and transparency a key component of Broncho Pride, and pledge to continue tracking all taxpayer dollars to ensure they’re invested in the success of all students.

I’d like to thank our Broncho community for the incomparable patience they continue to demonstrate during the COVID-19 pandemic. We recognize the immense toll the pandemic continues to take on our students, parents, families and employees. I am proud of our Return to Learn plan that allows us to quickly change course to protect the health and safety of our entire community. At the same time, I realize it is not easy for families to change plans on a moment’s notice, and I thank you for working with us.

Throughout the pandemic, our entire community has helped us maintain a culture of kindness, compassion and respect, whether our students are learning in-person or remotely. We will maintain that commitment to Broncho Pride as we continue to face the pandemic head-on as one community, Bronchos United.

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