An easy DIY activity to get kids excited about STEM

(BPT) - Most parents typically tell their children not to go to the pantry for a snack before dinner but what if letting your kids into the pantry could help ignite their passion for science, technology, engineering and math (STEM)?

STEM learning can be accessible and right at children’s finger tips no matter their age or background. It can even be as easy as walking into the kitchen and looking around for inspiration. Igniting a curiosity for STEM early can help drive youth into a future including STEM, enabling them to take advantage of a field where jobs are projected to grow 9% by 2029, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics.

To help close the STEM opportunity gap, Boys & Girls Clubs of America and Raytheon Technologies are partnering together to enhance Boys & Girls Clubs of America’s DIY STEM curriculum so that it’s culturally relevant and focused on diversity, equity and inclusion.

The organizations want to get kids excited about STEM, inspiring youth to start seeing STEM in their everyday surroundings (like through food!), providing more access and opportunity to STEM learning.

“By integrating a diversity, equity and inclusion framework into the new Boys & Girls Clubs of America DIY STEM curriculum, we are able to create a program that inspires all youth and highlights the possibility of a STEM career,” said Susan Cody Ciavolino, director of educational STEM foundation at Boys & Girls Clubs of America.

Boys & Girls Clubs of America, an expert in youth development, suggests this fun, hands-on DIY STEM activity, aimed to surprise and excite kids while also building important social-emotional skills needed to succeed in STEM, both at school and within the workforce.

DIY STEM Activity: Bridge Building

  • Items needed: Various materials that can be found in the kitchen – use your imagination! From gum drops or marshmallows as the “glue” to dry spaghetti noodles, graham crackers and pretzel sticks as the connectors, encourage kids to use their imagination as to what materials will best create a bridge.
  • Directions: Play around and try different methods to build a homemade bridge between two tables or surfaces. Encourage youth to test the weight of their bridge with everyday items like a toy car.

Enjoy this DIY activity and continue to encourage the kids in your life to look at their surroundings and have fun with DIY STEM, as it can lead to a great future.

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