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Fall Home and Garden

Cracked or pitted driveway?

Fall and spring are good times to replace or repair your driveway, while moderate temperatures replace the blistering temperatures of hot s… Read more

Clean up your ‘toys’ in time for winter storage

No one wants to say farewell to summer, but it’s important to get your summer “toys” and equipment out of harm’s way before the cold, snow,… Read more

10 tips for getting your furnace ready for fall

We all know that cold weather is on its way, and we certainly want our furnace to be in peak working order when we turn the thermostat on f… Read more

Slow cooking with Sally

When temperatures drop just a few degrees and there’s a little nip in the air, I pull out my slow cooker and begin thinking of cozy fall re… Read more

Fall perennials will ‘bloom where they are planted’

Spring may be the season that excites most gardeners, but fall is actually an ideal time to plant ahead for your spring showcase of flowers… Read more

How to keep fall critters out of your house

When autumn air turns brisk and the leaves begin to fall, it seems that all the critters from the outdoors want to find shelter in your hou… Read more

Ceiling fans aren't just for summer

Ceiling fans make you feel cooler in the summer by creating an artificial breeze that evaporates moisture from your skin. Read more

Gnome garden finds beauty in broken things

When life hands you broken pieces, all you have to do is pick them up and find beauty in their brokenness. Read more

Organize & declutter your home this fall

Your kids are back in school and busy fall schedules are in full swing. Now is the time to get your home organized, before the cold weather… Read more

Water is everywhere

Water is everywhere, especially in Michigan where every community is surrounded by bodies of clean, clear, natural water. Read more


10 best trees & shrubs for spectacular fall color

The color change is on the horizon. In fact, many people are already seeing the changes here and there. Soon, we will be in the midst of be… Read more

Home & garden shows on TV

Home and garden shows aren’t a rare breed when it comes to TV shows, although gardening shows themselves do seem to be falling away as the … Read more

Ten ways to save money heating your home

Tri-county area residents are already talking about the upcoming winter forecast. The cold reality will be that this is going to be an expe… Read more

Think beyond the tulips

Planting bulbs in the fall for a spring show is nature’s promise that warm weather will arrive again the following year. While you might no… Read more

Female ‘flippers’

Denise Penwell, 49, swings her sledgehammer at the tired old walls coming down, while her business partner, Melissa Redmond, 53, keeps an e… Read more