First it was the Cornerstone building that changed the landscape of downtown Fenton in 2014. Then it was the Horizon Building that brought more retail space and parking to the corner of N. LeRoy Street and Silver Lake Road in 2018.

 Now, residents who visit downtown are watching the newest development on the corner of W. Caroline Street and S. LeRoy Street, the 111 Building.

 Ghassan Saab, project manager of the 111 Building, said construction is going “great.”

 “Since we’ve picked back up, we’ve been making great progress,” he said. “The building is almost completely enclosed. Once that’s done, we’ll begin work on the apartments and common areas.”

 They were forced to halt work on the four-story building due to the COVID-19 pandemic and subsequent stay-at-home orders in March. Construction resumed in May.

 “The shutdown, of course, threw a wrench in everyone’s plans. We had to re-work the schedule and make other job site modifications, but otherwise work on the site is business as usual,” he said.

 The projected completion date is March 2021. Saab said as long as the building is enclosed, they can work on the inside throughout the winter, and then be ready to open in March.

 “As of today (Monday, Aug. 31), we just need to install the first-floor windows and doors and we’ll be completely enclosed and ready for the colder weather,” he said.

 Corlin Builders is the developer for the project, and Sorenson Gross is the general contractor. Once completed, there will be approximately 40 parking spots in the lot for public use, minus the 14 used by residents.

 The building will be four stories and 10,000 square feet per floor. Everything in this building, including office, retail and the 14 apartments on the third and fourth floors will be leased.

 The pandemic hurt restaurants and retail spaces when they were forced to close. When asked what he thinks about Fenton closing certain streets at certain times on Thursdays and Fridays to allow businesses to use that space for customers, Saab said, “I think it’s a great idea. Restaurant floor space is hard to come by and outdoor space is premium, so I love seeing the restaurants take advantage.”

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