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Terrie Fisher of Fenton was a happy winner of the Times’ 2018 Winner Winner Turkey Dinner contest.

 The Times’ second annual “Winner Winner Turkey Dinner” contest will soon get underway. Details will be published in the Sunday, Oct. 27 edition.  

 This year, participants have the chance to win up to $1,350 in gift cards redeemable at one of the area’s grocery stores — Alpine Marketplace, Holly Foods or VG’s Grocery.

How it works

 To enter, look for the entry forms in the Oct. 27 edition. Each form is sponsored by an area business. Fill out as many entry forms as you wish, and take each form to that sponsoring business by Friday, Nov. 8.

 On Monday, Nov. 11, at the end of the business day, each business will draw a $25 gift card winner. Each winner will be contacted by the sponsoring business and presented with the grocery gift card. This year, there will be 54 participating businesses.

 The winner’s name  will also be published in the Sunday, Nov. 17 edition of the Times. There is no limit to how many contests one person can win. If your name is drawn at all of the participating businesses, you could win $1,350.

 Good luck, everyone, and remember … shop local this holiday season.

2018 winner takes a road trip and makes new discoveries

 When Terrie Fisher opened her Weekend Times on Sunday, Oct. 28, 2018, the contest, “Winner Winner Turkey Dinner” caught her attention immediately.

 Her first thought was, “I can do this,” deciding to visit all 48 of the 2018 participating businesses personally to hand-deliver her contest entry tickets.

 Fisher plotted her route, grouping businesses together geographically. “A few places I wasn’t familiar with,” she said.

 Fisher got to 47 of the businesses, missing only one that wasn’t open at the time she was making her rounds in the tri-county area. “It took me two days and about three or four hours to do it,” she said.

 But more than just a local road trip, this venture taught Fisher more about the local business community than she had ever known before. “I’ve always known that people in Fenton are friendly,” she said. “But I didn’t know as many businesses in Linden and Holly. A lot of the places were just delightful.”

 She had a few pleasant surprises along the way, including a stop at Community Threads of Fenton. “I had never been there before, and I came back later and bought a few things,” Fisher said.

 When she stopped in at Fun With Frosting in Fenton, she made a mental note that this is where she’ll go next time she needs a birthday cake or cupcakes.

 At Mos’Art Jewelers in Fenton, the owner offered to appraise a few jewelry pieces she asked about.

 Fisher entered her winning ticket at C&R Salon in Argentine Township. “Robin (the owner) was so welcoming and told me I can come back anytime,” she said.

 Fisher said her husband, David, teased her about spending gas money to earn a grocery gift certificate to Alpine Marketplace in Linden, but she felt the lessons learned about her community were well worth the gas and the time. “I was on a mission,” she said.

 Features writer Sally Rummel contributed to this article.

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