Media uses it to spread news and stories. 

 Businesses use it to advertise. 

 Facebook itself uses it to collect data on its users to sell to other companies and track trends. 

 People use it to communicate with friends and family who live far away or simply down the road. 

 Approximately 1.6 billion people around the world use the most popular social media every day, according to Zephoria Digital Marketing, with more than 2.4 billion active monthly users.

 What would happen if Facebook disappeared overnight?

Spreading information

 Shelters use Facebook to find animals a home. Police departments use it to spread photos of suspected criminals. Users share memes, life updates, baby photos and more. This would be harder without Facebook. 


 Facebook Messenger is a primary source of messaging between many friends, family members and acquaintances. You might not have that person’s number saved on your phone, but Messenger allows you to connect. 

 If Facebook suddenly shut down, Messenger would follow and users would lose those contacts.  


 The Facebook stock will crash and holders would lose a substantial amount of money.

Losing reminders and photos

 Facebook Memories shows users what they posted on a certain date from one year ago, two years ago and so on. The website archives vacation memories, when you started a new job, when a family pet died and more. 

 The social media platform is notorious for reminding you of the birthdays of your friends and family members. Without Facebook, there would be no more birthday messages written on your wall. 

 Many people use Facebook as a photo-saving tool. If the site was gone without any warning, millions of photos could be lost. 

Less information about events

 The site is frequently used to invite people to gatherings such as concerts, readings, community events, bridal and baby showers and more. Without Facebook and its helpful reminders, inviting people to social get-togethers would return to emails, texting and physical invites in some cases. 


 Police detectives, employers and parents use Facebook to research suspects, prospective employees and friends of their children, respectively.

Connecting apps

 If you’ve logged in to any other website through Facebook, whether it’s for online shopping or to take a fun quiz, those connections would be lost. 

Another platform would rise

 All other sites would grow in numbers and active daily users, but one would come out on top. Some digital sources say Twitter is the top contender to become the most popular social media platform after Facebook. Others say it’s Instagram. 

 However, those sites don’t offer the same type of platform as Facebook. Smaller websites more similar to Facebook would rise and fight to be the next best thing.

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