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 Lake Fenton will be treated for weeds for another five years.

 On Monday, Aug. 5, the Fenton Township Board of Trustees approved the continuation of a special assessment district for all Lake Fenton riparians in order to pay for weed control. The vote was 4-0. Supervisor Bonnie Mathis and trustees Vince Lorraine and Christine Reid abstained due to a conflict of interest. All three reside in the special assessment district. 

 The Lake Fenton Property Owners Association submitted the weed control and lake monitoring program for the next five years, from 2020 to 2024. 

 PLM Lake & Land Management Corp will provide services for the project. The work involves on-site lake evaluations, water testing, surveys and a representative from PLM attending meetings to provide information. 

 A few residents spoke during public comment. Virginia Abraham said she was disappointed with PLM’s performance and that there isn’t enough notice before the lake is treated. She also said only parts of the lake receive treatment, according to a draft of the Monday, Aug. 5 meeting minutes. 

 Property owner Martie Reigle said better communication is needed and the weeds in the cove near her home are worse than ever. 

 George Dyball, who works closely with PLM, said lake-wide treatment for Eurasion milfoil and Starry Stone stonewort is done once every five years. The five-year plan includes a lake-wide treatment in the first year. Areas of the lake are “spot-treated” as needed. 

 The plan will cost approximately $253,000 to be paid evenly among people on nearly 800 parcels. A portion of the costs will be assessed to properties on South Long Lake Road, which is in the city of Fenton, under a separate special assessment district. According to Fenton

Township, the estimated costs include reimbursement of the township’s administrative costs. 

 The plan will cost riparians a different amount each year per parcel: 2020- $126.98;

2021- $33.87; 2022- $36.12; 2023- $42.89; 2024- $45.15.

 The public hearing on the special assessment roll is scheduled for Monday, Aug. 19. 

Loon Lake

 The board also scheduled a public hearing for Aug. 19 for a continuation of a special assessment district for Loon Lake in order to treat the weeds for another five years. Aquatic Nuisance Plant Control prepared a proposal for the years 2020 to 2024. According to the proposal, the company’s focus is to control the invasive plants of Eurasian milfoil and curly-leaf pondweed. 

 The five-year cost would be $136,050. 

Squaw Lake

 The board also scheduled a public hearing Aug. 19 for the Squaw Lake Aquatic Plant Control Program. The proposal includes continuing the program for another three years, from 2020 to 2022. According to Progressive AE, treatment will focus on the control of “exotic, invasive species with the select use of herbicides.” Plant species of primary concern include Eurasain milfoil, curly-leaf pondweed and Starry Stonewort. 

 “The amount of herbicide use in any given year will depend on the type and distribution of aquatic plants and Michigan Department of the Environment, Great Lakes and Energy permit conditions,” according to Progressive AE. 

 Progressive AE also has ongoing projects with Lake Ponemah and Byram Lake. 

Golden Pond

 Residents on Golden Pond are also seeking to create a lake improvement special assessment district for weed control through Aquatic Nuisance Plant Control. Riparians submitted a petition, which includes 55.58 percent of the total land area in the district, with 40 out of 70 property owners signing the petition. 

 The proposal is for five years, from 2020 to 2024. The estimated total cost is $28,230.39. 

 The first public hearing will be held at the Aug. 19 meeting.

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