Oakland County residents are asked to approve a millage replacement and increase. Locally, this affects tri-county area residents in Holly Village, and the townships of Holly, Rose, Groveland and Springfield.

 If approved Nov. 3, the millage replacement and increase would improve, operate and maintain parks, open space area, trails and recreation activities in Oakland County.

 The Oakland County Parks System includes 7,000 acres and 80 miles of trails preserving and protecting the environment. There are 13 Oakland County Parks and recreational activities throughout the County including campgrounds, dog parks, golf courses, water parks, and mobile recreation units.

 To continue to provide revenue to the Oakland County Parks and Recreation Commission, Oakland Count is asking voters to approve the current millage be replaced and increased to .35 mills for 10 years from 2020 to

2029. The .35 mills is equal to 35 cents per $1,000 of taxable value.

 The millage, if approved and levied, will generate approximately $22,026,860 in 2020.

 The purpose of the millage is to improve, operate, and maintain parks, open space and water areas, trails, and recreation facilities; to allow for free day-use park admission for seniors (62 and over), military, veterans, and residents with permanent disabilities; to expand trails; to enhance local recreation programs; and to increase environmental conservation and recreation activities. Revenue from this millage will be disbursed only to the Oakland County to be used solely for the purpose of funding the Oakland County Parks and Recreation Commission with external audits and oversight by the Oakland County Board of Commissioners.

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