On Tuesday, July 13, Scott Roper, the superintendent of Holly Area Schools, sent a letter to parents within the school district outlining what the new school year this fall will look like. This came after the Holly Board of Education approved the expiration of the most recent COVID-19 Extended COVID-19 Learning (ECOL) plan Monday, July 12.

 Roper said, “Vaccines will not be required for students returning to Holly Area Schools and masks will not be required.”

 Below is the letter Roper sent to parents:

 “I hope that our Broncho families are enjoying summer break. As we continue to inch closer to the start of the 2021 – 22 school year, I know that many of our families have questions about next year. Returning to a normal school environment and routine remains the goal for the 2021 2022 school year and I believe we are much closer to that reality.

 In late June, all restrictions, epidemic orders and mandates regarding COVID-19 were rescinded.

 As a result of this announcement, we made immediate changes to our summer school program so that students and staff were no longer required to wear masks.

 Vaccination rates in Oakland County, including our Holly community, continue to climb as nearly 70% of residents have received their first dose of the vaccine. Currently in Oakland County, the seven-day average case count is less than 20 and in our school district it is 0. This is very encouraging.

 With this positive news, we support our families and staff to make the personal choice of wearing a mask at our school buildings and school events. We will not establish a COVID-19 vaccination requirement to attend or work at Holly Area Schools. We know that choice is important to our parents with the planning for a return to a normal school year.

 We appreciate the support of our Broncho community as we navigated the COVID-19 pandemic this past year with a commitment to health, safety, social emotional support, and effective teaching and learning. This commitment continues into the new school year. We will continue to reinforce healthy hygiene habits, practice thorough cleaning and sanitizing, and improve ventilation systems in our facilities to not only support the mitigation of COVID-19, but also many other seasonal and common viruses.

 We have learned a great deal this past year and with that experience, we will continue to support all students, staff, and families. Our district will continue to regularly monitor COVID-19 metrics and follow any laws. Our experience and knowledge have prepared us to take any necessary steps if our community experiences a significant surge in cases.

 We will continue to keep our families informed as we plan for the return of our Broncho students to the 2021 2022 school year. We hope that this communication brings some positive news and enjoyment to your summer.”

 The next Holly Board of Education meeting will be Monday, Aug. 9 at 7 p.m.

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