A few of the roads in Tyrone Township will be getting some repairs this year.

 At the township board meeting earlier this month, Tyrone Township officials voted on a Denton Hill Road repair project. According to the minutes of the May 7 meeting, the project is estimated to cost $900,000. The township will pay 50 percent of the cost not to exceed $450,000. The remaining balance will be paid by the Livingston County Road Commission.

 Two gravel road improvement projects also are being planned. The township will pay the cost of each project and the Livingston County Road Commission will cover the costs of related drainage work.

 Linden Road, 3,300 feet south of Dean Road, will see (gravel) improvements for an estimated cost of $44,000, and Hogan Road 3,500 feet west of Linden Road for an approximate $30,000.

 On June 4 at 7 p.m., the township will hold a public hearing on the special assessment roll for the proposed Irish Hills Subdivision road improvement project, which includes the repaving of Donegal Court, Dublin Drive, Tipperary Trail and Wicklow Hill Court. There are 76 affected parcels.

 The purpose of the hearing is to explain and answer questions pertaining to the assessment roll, the term of which is through 2038, and to hear objections to the roll. Any person objecting to the roll must file his or her objections before the close of the public hearing or within such additional time (if any) as the township board may grant.

 According to the resolution, the township board has tentatively determined to finance the cost of the project by issuing bonds and to use special assessments levied to raise the funds to pay the township’s obligations on the bonds.

 According to Supervisor Mike Cunningham, the cost of the Irish Hills repaving project is not to exceed $11,500 per parcel. After the June 4 public hearing, the board will vote on a resolution to approve the assessment roll and another resolution to authorize the bond. The work is expected to begin in late July or beginning of August, and is to be done by Sept. 30.

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