At Mueller’s Orchard and Cider Mill in Fenton Township, everyone who works there likes to see how things work. That is according to Wendy Mueller, who owns the business with her husband Charles and their family.

 This weekend, they are hosting a free tractor show. Visitors of any age are invited to come out and see the dozen or so tractors and see how they work and the importance of their work in farming.

 The Muellers have hosted tractor shows on and off in the past and started celebrating tractors again last year when they bought a John Deer 70.

 Wendy Mueller said she wasn’t sure of the exact number of tractors that will be on site, however, last year they had more than a dozen.

 Mueller said Roger Ashley will have tractors on display this weekend. She said he has driven some of them across the Mackinac Bridge in an annual event. She said former Argentine Township Supervisor Bob Cole also will have tractors on site. Cole will share information on how important tractors and farming equipment are.

 Glen Lacey of Dash-Hound Coney, who services the orchard on weekends is trying to get his 1947 John Deere tractor restoration far enough along to

bring it out this weekend. If the restoration work keeps him from showing it this weekend, he told Mueller that he would have photos of it at his coney stand and that he would bring it to a future show.

 “We here at Mueller’s know how interesting it is to see how things work,” Mueller said. “We have large windows outside the doughnut shop so that the doughnut making process can be watched in detail.” 

 The tractors will start arriving Thursday.  

 “Young and young at heart are welcome to climb up on the tractor and to look at the big wheels and parts that make the tractor work,” Mueller said. “Tractors are down to earth and fun to be around. Come see us this weekend.”

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