Fenton Township election workers will receive an increase in compensation.

 On Tuesday, June 7, the Fenton Township Board of Trustees unanimously voted to increase pay for election workers. 

 An election chairperson will now make $250 instead of $200, and election inspectors will receive $200 instead of $150. Workers also will be paid $25 for training. 

 “Townships and cities are finding it’s hard to get trained election workers or even untrained election workers,” said Clerk Robert Krug. 

 After doing a survey and researching the compensation other neighboring municipalities pay to election workers, Fenton Township officials discovered theirs was lower comparatively. Krug also proposed to pay workers for training.  

 “I certainly support it,” said Supervisor Vince Lorraine. “I think, especially with what’s going on with elections these days and all the controversy surrounding it, that having well trained and fairly compensated … people looking over our elections is very important.” 

 The new pay scale will increase the salary cost of a large election by $2,000-2,500, according to meeting minutes. The estimated cost increase relating to the training pay would be around $2,000 every other year. The last increase to election worker compensation was in 2012 and this proposed increase would bring the pay rates more into line with other communities.

 The city of Fenton pays election chairpersons $235 and Linden pays $10 per hour plus $25. For election inspectors, Fenton pays $205 and Linden pays $10 an hour. Both cities pay workers $25 for training. 

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