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The Fenton Township Board of Trustees voted to approve an engineering services agreement to bring water to Thompson Road. 

 This project would extend the Genesee County Water Supply System Southern Loop to include the Thompson Road Corridor, which is zoned a mix of manufacturing, commercial, residential and planned unit development, mainly populated with manufacturers and businesses that retrieve water from wells. 

 The vote was Monday, Nov. 15, when the board discussed the proposal from engineering firm Wade Trim. In a letter to the Genesee County Drain Commission Division of Water and Waste Services (GCDC-WWS), Wade Trim laid out the process for design and bidding for the project, with construction potentially starting June 6, 2022. 

 The company completed a proposal for engineering services regarding the design of a 16-inch transmission main along Fenton Road and Thompson Road to extend water into Fenton Township, as well as a 16-inch transmission main extension along Baldwin Road, until the Shadyhill Lane subdivision in Grand Blanc Township. 

 Designs include approximately 25,000 lineal feet of 16-inch ductile iron water main, a tunneled crossing below U.S. 23, a master meter to be constructed at the township line between Mundy Township and Fenton Township, and a master meter pit at the end of the Baldwin Road transmission main extension.

 The Phase 1A water tower would be placed at the northeast corner of Fenton and Thompson roads, and the Phase 1B water tower would be located just east of northbound U.S. 23 near the Thompson Road ramps. 

 This project would benefit Mundy Township and Grand Blanc Township due to engineers being able to loop the water line in the three municipalities, which results in better water quality for residents. 

 Engineering costs for the design for the Phase 1 water main and a 0.5 MG elevated water tank is expected to cost $382,000. The costs would be split between three municipalities. Fenton Township would pay 69% ($263,580), Mundy Township would pay 25% ($95,500) and Grand Blanc Township would pay 6% ($22,920). The majority of these lines would be located in Fenton Township. 

 According to the letter, Wade Trim services will not exceed the fee of $252,000 for the proposed transmission main and will not exceed $130,000 for the elevated storage tank. 

 On Wednesday, Oct. 13, Fenton Township Supervisor Vince Lorraine spoke at the Genesee County Board of Commissioners to discuss the issues surrounding the high arsenic levels found in the Fenton Township area. He hopes that bringing in municipal water will help solve this issue.

 The Genesee County board approved allocating $6.5 million, of the county’s $78.6 million from the American Rescue Plan Act, for the Thompson Road water project. Bringing water to Thompson Road, and connecting areas in Fenton Township, is expected to cost approximately $23.5 million. Lorraine’s goal is to use grant money and other federal funds to fund the majority of the project.

 The funds for engineering will come from the $6.5 million from the county.

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