On Monday, April 19, the Fenton Township Board of Trustees approved salary increases for four employees.

 Supervisor Vince Lorraine reported that he completed annual performance appraisals for these employees, and he took his recommendations to the Personnel Committee. The result was a recommendation to increase the salaries of Operations Manager and Deputy Clerk Thomas Broecker, Fire Chief Ryan Volz, Township Assessor Julia Wilson and Zoning Administrator Michael Deem.

The previous and new salaries: 

Assessor Julia Wilson:

$67,000, $72,000

Fire Chief Ryan Volz:

$64,130, $65,500

Zoning Administrator Michael Deem:

$73,000, $74,500

Operations Manager Thomas Broecker:

$90,150, $94,000

 “After being here for 120 days, I can reassure the township residents that, at least since I’ve been here, they’re very lucky because we have loyal, long-term experienced and extremely dedicated staff here at the township, and it’s only getting better,” Lorraine said. “I was very happy the board supported it in all four cases. They were well deserved.”

 Lorraine thanked the board and the Personnel Committee. He said although he was a township trustee for many years, his view of the township’s day-to-day operations became clearer after working as the township supervisor.

 “After five months on the job, he has found all four administrative employees to be supportive, dedicated, loyal and hard-working. The Township Board and residents are fortunate to have such a dedicated management team and staff,” according to the minutes.

 Treasurer John Tucker and Clerk Robert Krug complimented Lorraine’s work on the review process and recommendations. Both spoke in favor of the salary recommendations. The review and recommendation process will take place every year.

 Attorney Jack Belzer said the Fenton Township Board is underpaid compared to other communities.

 “The board should conduct a salary survey and consider revising the salary structure for the elected officials. Supervisor Lorraine stated that the Township can look into that issue at some point in the future,” according to the minutes.

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