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A survey conducted by Tyrone Township reveals that most respondents are in favor of conveying the Old Historic Town House to the Tyrone Township Historical Society.

 Zach Michels of Carlisle/Wortman Associates, Inc., planners for Tyrone Township, presented results of a survey conducted to gather input from residents on what to do with the old historic town hall, called Old Historic Town House, at the Tyrone Township Board of Trustees meeting Tuesday, Sept. 7.

 The survey provided potential options for the future of the historical building. Residents could also add general comments. The building was originally located on Hartland Road and was moved to 10408 Center Rd., in 1976 as part of the U.S. Bicentennial celebrations. The township sold the Center Road property where the historical building remains and moved its offices to 8420 Runyan Lake Rd.

 The Center Road property was sold to a church, which has indicated it would use and maintain the building and allow the township to use the historical building up to four times a year.

 Carlisle/Wortman Associates, Inc., mailed out 4,400 surveys in the summer tax bill. The numbered green survey form could be mailed back to the planners or dropped off. Addresses and identification were confirmed on each returned survey.

 A total of 610 survey responses were received by the planner. Of those responses, 86 were emailed and 524 were mailed or dropped off at the township hall. Eleven surveys did not include any identification and were not included in the survey report.

 Michels told the board that the response rate was more than 13%, which is considered good for a broad public survey. He added that the response rate is likely significantly greater when accounting for the fact that many township residents may have received multiple surveys because they own multiple properties.

 On each question, survey respondents could select “strongly agree,” “agree,” “disagree,” “strongly disagree,” or “no answer.”

Options listed on the survey and survey results:

1. The Old Historic Town House should remain at its current location, 10408 Center, conveyed to the new property owner who will maintain it consistent with its historic nature and make it available for township residents to use and enjoy up to four times per year and use it as part of a new church at that location.

 Survey results: Most respondents, 175, chose strongly disagree. Another 102 chose disagree for a combined 277. A total of 266 respondents selected either strongly agree or agree. Another 54 respondents selected no answer.

2. The Old Historic Town House should be sold to the Tyrone Township Historical Society for $1. The Historical Society can then raise funds and move the building to any location they desire, including 8420 Runyan Lake Rd. They can maintain it, use it, and make it available for public use.

 Survey results: 285 respondents selected strongly agree and 171 selected agree, while 56 respondents selected disagree, 54 selected strongly disagree and 31 respondents selected no answer.

3. The Old Historic Town House should be moved by the township to the new township office location using funds from township, private/public group, or a combination of both. Such a move would cost roughly $100,000 to $200,000, but may cost more.

 Survey results: 276 respondents selected strongly disagree and 106 selected disagree, while 79 respondents selected agree and 77 selected strongly agree. Another 57 respondents selected no answer.

4. I would support a millage rate increase, special assessment, or other revenue increase for the township to move, repair, and maintain the Old Historic Town House at the current Township Office location.

 Survey results: 365 respondents selected strongly disagree and 92 selected disagree, while 66 selected agree and 14 selected strongly agree. Another 59 respondents selected no answer.

5. I would support reduction in other township expenditures, such as roads or general government, for the township to move, repair, and maintain the Old Historic Town House at the new Township Office location.

 Survey results: 361 respondents selected strongly disagree and 107 selected disagree, while 30 selected agree and 17 selected strongly agree. Another 80 respondents selected no answer.

 After reviewing the survey results, Tyrone Township Supervisor Mike Cunningham said, “The survey pointed out they do not want to spend taxpayer dollars to move it and it should be conveyed to the Historical Society so they can move it where they desire.”

 Future discussions regarding the future of the historic building have not yet been scheduled.

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