For one congregation, church was cancelled Sunday, June 23, but for a good reason.

 The Way Church of Fenton took Sunday off to get members out of the church building and get their hands dirty out in the community.

 “We cancelled our normal Sunday gathering and instead we worshipped with our hands,” said co-founder Scott Statson.

 There were four outreach activities Sunday. Church members picked up trash in a section of Torrey Road, cleaned up the yard of an elderly man in Fenton Township, repainted the restrooms at Bush Park and wrote encouraging letters to residents of local nursing homes.

 They are among a robust population of churches in the tri-county area that offers essential outreach services to the community.

 The Way Church was formed in December 2018 and is on Georgetown Parkway at the former Potter’s Wheel Church off Torrey Road.

 The church’s name is in reference to the earliest names for Christians — as “followers of the way.” Statson said, “It’s easy to see the disconnect in our world between people who label themselves as Christian and those who are genuinely following Jesus. That’s why we decided to do something about it.”

 This is one of their first outreach efforts since they formed, which they call “Serve Sunday.”

 “We have been impacted by Jesus and we just want to turn around and do the same,” Statson said. “We feel that God has impacted us in a big way, and no strings attached, we feel it’s important to do the same for others.”

 The Way Church is at 2490 Georgetown Pkwy. in Fenton. Go to for more information.

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