The Tri-County Times has received several Hot lines and other anonymous tips regarding “The cat killer in Tyrone.” While we don’t normally entertain anonymous tips, this one is somewhat intriguing and warrants further investigation. 

 In an anonymous letter to the editor, one writer, who claims he or she lives in Section 35 of Tyrone Township, says the “cat killer in Tyrone needs to be found and held accountable. I have a

working farm and all of my cats are gone. This has caused financial hardship due to rodent infestation and crop loss.”

 The writer further states, “Did this person trespass on private property to kill the cats or were they killed from the road? Both of these actions are illegal. There needs to be an investigation, prosecution and jail time. The farmers should be compensated for their losses as well. This person is mentally unwell and a danger to the community at large.”

 Another anonymous Hot line writer said, “There’s a very sick person in Tyrone Township. It’s a well known fact that people who kill animals for fun move on to humans next. For the community’s safety, please find those responsible for the cat killings and prosecute. My working barn cat was a victim.”

 There are a few problems with these statements. First, since they are made anonymously and there is no information on when and exactly where these feral feline fatalities occurred.

 Also, how many cats were killed and what was the manner of death? Were they shot dead with a firearm, poisoned, bagged up and thrown in a pond or lake, or were they run over by a vehicle? That information would determine whether the cat killings were perpetrated by a human being and not by animals, such as wild dogs or coyotes. Did these events take place on one farm or more?

 In the event animals committed the crimes, there obviously would be no prosecution, jail time or compensation.

 Tyrone Township Supervisor Mike Cunningham is aware of these accusations via an anonymous letter sent to the township. He, however, cannot do anything either due to the lack of information.

 If the accuser or anyone else with serious information wishes to come forward, provide their name and contact information for the record, they may contact news@tctimes.com. They could also contact the Livingston County Sheriff’s Office at (517) 546-2440 and file a complaint.

What is a feral cat?

 According to forgottencats.org, feral cats are the result of a domestic cat being abandoned or lost and left to fend for itself. The offspring of the domestic (now considered feral) cat are usually never handled by people and become terrified when approached. Many times, when approached by people, they will hiss out of fright.

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