During the North Oakland County Fire Authority Board meeting Tuesday, Dec. 21, Rose Township Supervisor Dianne Scheib-Snider withdrew her request to be added back in the Computer Aided Dispatch (CAD) Courts and Law Enforcement Management Information System (CLEMIS) system.

 This came after she requested to be added back to the system to receive alerts at the NOCFA Board’s Oct. 19 meeting after learning her phone number had been removed.

 CLEMIS uses innovative computer technology for criminal justice and public safety applications. By serving as a technical link among multiple agencies, CLEMIS promotes communication and sharing of criminal justice information.

 The Oct. 19 vote was prompted by an Oct. 12 letter from NOCFA Assistant Fire Chief Matt Weil to Chief Jeremy Lintz, who indicated that Scheib-Snider asked that she be put back into the system.

 In the letter, Weil indicated that he was removing a former employee from the CAD Incident Notification System and had requested a complete copy of the current enrollees so that the department could audit it. He said he wanted to make sure no former employees were missed, make sure current employees are on and due to the increase of information that is Protected Health Information (PHI), Law Enforcement Information Network (LEIN) and other sensitive in nature information, that any non-rostered personnel are removed to limit any disclosure liability of the department.

 Weil said he removed a few non-rostered people from the system, including Scheib-Snider, who serves on the NOCFA Board, representing Rose Township. Scheib-Snider had worked for NOCFA years ago as a Basic EMT/firefighter, however, her license had lapsed.

 During the Oct. 19 meeting, Scheib-Snider said as supervisor, being on this list lets her know what is happening in the township. She said she had been on the list for five years and was given no indication of why she was removed.

 Lintz said Scheib-Snider, as well as several others, had been on the list. He said the Board itself did not have the authority, citing federal privacy laws, to put a person back on the list, only NOCFA had the authority. He said the messages, containing sensitive information, is to go to personnel of NOCFA only. “Personal information cannot be disseminated out to anyone other than employees,” he said.

 After agreeing to end the discussion, the Board voted 3-2 in October to have Lintz put Scheib-Snider back into the CAD CLEMIS system so that she could continue receiving the alerts.

 After discussing options available to her at the December meeting, such as receiving pager alerts or listening to a police scanner, Lintz assured Scheib-Snider that these other options would provide everything she needs to know regarding emergencies in the township.

 Scheib-Snider said, “I’m willing to use a scanner. I withdraw my original motion for access.”

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