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Julie Williams, who has been with Lake Fenton Community Schools for 20 years, accepted a three-year extension on her contract as superintendent.

 The Lake Fenton Board of Education voted in June to extend Superintendent Julie Williams’ contract another three years, with an annual base pay of $135,000.

 She took over as superintendent in 2017 after Wayne Wright, the former superintendent, semi-retired. In June Wright accepted a one-year interim superintendent position with Goodrich schools.

 Christopher Fletcher, president of the school board said, “On behalf of the board, Julie has a done a great job since she took the helm back in 2017.

 “Her tenacity and passion for our Lake Fenton kids is evident in her leadership of the district.  Under this leadership, we continue to see positive direction and financial stability. 

 “With the help of our community, we were able to pass a bond to upgrade our facilities of which Julie is tirelessly managing on top of her normal duties.

 “We are very pleased with her performance as shown by her recent evaluation rating of ‘highly effective.’”

 Williams just finished her 20th year in the district. She said, “I feel so blessed to be leading such a great district and working with so many amazing people.

 “We are planning for a flat enrollment again this year which is very good considering the low birth rates in our area for the past five years.”

 Williams said one of her main goals when she started as superintendent was to develop a culture of family. “I wanted all staff and students to feel valued and appreciated and we are making great strides,” she said.

 The district has been working toward becoming a dynamic professional learning community where staff are working collaboratively to discuss student needs and instructional practice based on student data. “The work has been very good and we are looking forward to continuing to improve the educational opportunities at Lake Fenton,” she said.

 Williams added, “Lastly, we are defining what it means to ‘BE a Blue Devil.’ We are identifying a word for each letter in the word B.L.U.E.

 “I absolutely love Lake Fenton and I am so grateful for the support from our board and their belief in my leadership abilities. Proud to BE Blue!”

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