This may be the deepest lost-and-found story you’ve ever heard.

 Jennifer Tremaine of Fenton Township was putting the boat cover on her pontoon near the Fenton Moose Club last July 2018, when she set her upscale Coach brand wallet on top of the pontoon.

 The next thing she knew, the wind knocked her wallet off the boat and into the water. Inside her wallet was about $300 in cash, all her credit

cards, driver’s license, and more.

 “I immediately jumped into the mucky water in my clothes,” Tremaine said. “I kept feeling around the bottom with my feet, to no avail.”

 Desperate to find her wallet, Tremaine went back to that same spot every single day for three weeks, but she came up empty every time. She told all her neighbors about her lost wallet, and finally went about the unpleasant task of cancelling all her credit cards and re-ordering a new driver’s license.

 Fast forward to Friday, July 5, a very busy weekend on area lakes, including Lake Fenton.

 Tremaine received a phone call from a friend, who asked to remain anonymous. He had found her wallet bubbling up to the surface of Lake Fenton, at exactly the same spot it had been lost the year before. “It hadn’t moved 10 feet,” Tremaine said. “Only now it was covered with crustaceans and little mussels and the wallet itself was all bloated.”

 What surprised Tremaine the most was that not only the cash was still intact, carefully protected by a still-working zipper, but that the wallet itself was in good shape. “The clasp of the wallet still works, and the $3 I had in coins were all there,” she said.

 Tremaine said she is already spending the newly resurfaced money, which she never expected to see again. Her first order of business is to take her friend out to lunch as a thank you for retrieving her wallet. Then she plans to write a letter to Coach to tell them her story. “I don’t want anything from them,” she said. “I just want them to be proud of their quality.”

 Tremaine said she feels a little embarrassed by losing her wallet in the water in the first place, as an experienced mariner. “I’ve lost sunglasses in the lake numerous times,” she said. “I shouldn’t have put my wallet on the boat canopy in the first place. You can be sure I haven’t done it again since.”

 She’s also more cautious and grateful in all areas of her life since this incident. “It’s a little unnerving to have all of your personal information ‘out there’ and you don’t know where it is,” Tremaine said. “I feel at peace that it was found.”

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