Democratic Incumbent Elissa Slotkin is seeking reelection to the U.S. House of Representatives for Michigan’s eighth congressional district. Paul Junge, the Republican challenger, seeks to be elected to this seat.

 Michigan’s eighth congressional district is in southern Michigan and southeast Michigan, including almost all of the state capital, Lansing. After the redistricting that resulted from the 2010 Census, the district was shifted south to no longer cover Clinton or Shiawassee counties and instead covers more of Oakland County, including Rochester and some of the tri-county area.

Elissa Slotkin


Age: 44

Residency: Holly

Occupation: Member of Congress

 The value proposition I offer to voters is the work that I have done and the way in which I’ve done it. I’ve focused on critical issues to my constituents: the health and economic crisis of COVID-19; affordable health care and prescription drugs; protecting drinking water, lakes and rivers; and bringing civility and decency to politics. The House passed my Real Time Benefits Act so people know the true price of their prescriptions; I passed into law six provisions to protect our waters from PFAS “forever chemicals;” and passed bipartisan legislation in the House to reduce dependence on foreign sources of medical supplies. I have advocated for bipartisan solutions such as compromise COVID-19 relief legislation. I’ve introduced 22 bills with bipartisan cosponsorship, and I’ve challenged my own party and its leaders. Bipartisanship is in my bones, and it’s the only way to get things done on the problems we face.

Paul Junge


Age: 54

Residency: Brighton

Occupation: Businessman, former Trump Administration official

 This year has been difficult for people across the country, but especially in Michigan. I will use my experience in business to help rebuild our economy and my experience as a prosecutor to support public safety and protect the vulnerable. Liberal efforts to raise taxes, impose job-destroying regulations, and coddle rioters are the wrong approach. I will work hard to rebuild our economy by supporting freedom and opportunity, and I will fight to direct coronavirus relief dollars to nursing homes and struggling families and small businesses. I will protect Social Security and Medicare, support health coverage for those with pre-existing conditions, and defend our Constitution and American values. Together, we will build a better future.

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