On Aug. 13, a video was posted in the Ponemah, Squaw and Tupper Lakes Community Group on Facebook, showing three people on two Jet Ski-like watercraft on Lake Ponemah, circling a person in the water, spraying them with water and getting close in proximity. 

      At the end of the video, one of the drivers jumps into the water and helps the swimmer onto the watercraft. 

      The Marine Division of the Genesee County Sheriff’s Office is investigating the incident. The Marine Division mainly patrols Silver Lake, Lake Fenton, Lake Ponemah and Lobdell Lake. 

      Those on Jet Ski-like watercraft and other boaters are required by law to stay 100 feet away from docks, boats and swimmers.

      Sgt. Dan Knapp with the Livingston County Marine Patrol said personal watercraft must maintain a 100-foot distance between them and any shoreline, anchored vessel, marked swimming area or anyone in the water. 

      The people driving the watercraft in the video could be cited for improper distance, Knapp said. 

      The Times has written about numerous lake incidents throughout the years, including in 2017 when a boat struck a 12-year-old girl while she was swimming in Lake Ponemah. 

More rules

      Everyone on a Jet Ski-like watercraft is required by law to wear a life jacket. This also includes people being pulled in a tube, water skiers and children 6 and younger on any watercraft. The boat must contain enough life jackets for everyone on board. 

      Drive counterclockwise around the lake. 

      With tubers, the law requires that the watercraft have a seat for everyone on the boat including the people being pulled in the water. 

      On a pontoon, passengers are not allowed on the outside front end or on the raised back area while the boat is moving.

      Michigan law prohibits driving a boat with a blood alcohol content over .08 percent.





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